Best PDF OCR Tools to Convert and Edit Scanned PDF on Windows

Even though we are in digital era but the fact is that the importance of paper remains. From newspapers to your favorite novels everything is printed on paper. However, there are some issues when the contextual data comes into play. This data should cope with the tech advancements for better results. OCR or Optical Character Recognition has solved the issues for many. Now editing the printed or handwritten documents is not an issue at all. Word processing programs can be used to ensure that every letter remains where it should be. PDF OCR Tools have been developed for windows to help users to convert and edit scanned PDF with ease.

Part 1. The 3 Best PDF OCR Tools for Windows

#1. PDFelement Pro

Full of awesome and state of the art features this program - PDFelement Pro is highly recommended to edit and convert scanned PDF or perform all the related tasks with ease. The best part is that it is simple to use. Complete tutorials can be visited online to execute the program efficiently. From text editing to Markup & sign this program does it all. The PDF files can also be converted for transfer or for platform dependability.

Key Features of This PDF Tool:

  • Advanced OCR tool allows you to convert and edit scanned PDF easily
  • PDF based text, image, page and OCR can be performed completely.
  • The PDF files can be marked, annotate and stamped using this program
  • Conversion, combining, splitting and creating PDF is very easy
  • PDF forms can be filled and created using advance tools and terminologies embedded
  • Securing and sharing PDF across multiple platforms is fully supported
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# 2. iSkysoft PDF Converter Pro for Windows

As the name suggests iSkysoft PDF Converter Pro for Windows lets the user change the PDF format. It is not only good for portability but also increases the reliability of the document. The simple interface and design makes it easy to work with. There is no need to get software programs which are not reliable. The iSkysoft PDF Converter for Windows is the all in one solution for PDF related tasks. The best part is that it comes with OCR PDF scanner plugin. It allows the users to convert PDF file to editable format to amend it or make changes.

Features of iSkysoft PDF Converter for Windows

  • Conversation of PDF files has never been as easy as it is with this program
  • The format and layout is preserved once the document is converted
  • The option of batch conversion is also available
  • Secured and encrypted PDF files can also be converted with ease
  • The advance OCR technology converts the PDF files accurately
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#3. Microsoft OneNote

Though this program is good for taking digital notes but when it comes to PDF conversion and usability then there are some limitations. The PDF related functionalities are limited and therefore limited support for PDF is available. OneNote documents can be used to perform complete PDF OCR. The process is though complex but still it works. The fact is that almost can be OCR using OneNote application. Also the best thing is that the program comes with windows and MS Office.

ocr pdf with onenote

Part 2. How to Use PDF OCR Tool to Convert and Edit Scanned PDF

The PDFelement Pro has made the work with scanned PDF files too simple to follow and implement. The simple process of this program has made it all-time favorite of every professional. It has been mentioned as under.

Step 1. Import PDF File to This PDF OCR Tool

Download, install and register iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional for Windows to begin with. The unregistered version has some limitations so it is not recommended for OCR performance. Click the Open file button on the left panel. Click browse and import the PDF you want to perform OCR on.

lauch the pdf ocr tool

Step 2. OCR PDF Documents

Hit the edit tab and click OCR. Select the correct setting from the window that pops up. The language is most important of all. Click OK and iSkysoft PDF OCR Tool will start OCR on the PDF imported.

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