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How to Edit PDF Texts

iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional for Mac helps you to edit PDF files as easy as working in Word files. You can edit, add, delete, and insert texts in PDF. And you can also change the font color, size and font type.

1Edit Texts in PDF

You can edit PDF texts in "Paragraph mode" or "Line mode". You can do the PDF editing as easy as working in Word processor and keep the original formatting.
Edit PDF Texts in "Paragraph mode"

First, click the "Edit" button to enter the PDF editing mode. Now click on any texts in PDF, and the text editing control panel will appear on the right of the program interface. Check the "Paragraph mode" option, and it will target the texts by paragraphs. Now you can modify the texts, add texts, delete texts or choose the font color, size and type you want.
Edit texts in PDF
Edit PDF Texts in "Line mode"

Click on the "Edit" button and check the "Line mode" option. Your PDF texts will be targeted by lines. And then you can do any change on the texts, such edit font style, font color, and font size.
Edit texts in PDF
Note: If you cannot edit the PDF texts, you might need to enable the OCR feature before editing. In such case, you will see a notification informing that you need to perform the OCR on your file before editing. Please see the detailed guide on how to OCR PDF file when you want to edit texts in a scanned PDF file.

2Add Texts in PDF

To add texts to PDF file, you can click the "Edit" menu and click the "Add Text" button. By doing this, you will have a text box for adding texts. Type the texts you want and drag the text box to the place where you want to add the texts.
Add texts in PDF

3Find and Replace Texts in PDF

iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Pro for Mac helps you to find the keywords in the PDF texts in a quick way. And you can also replace the texts to another easily.
Find Texts in PDF: After opening the PDF file with the program, press "Command + F" on your keyboard to open the "Find" window. And then you can enter the keywords to find the texts.
find texts in PDF
Replace Texts in PDF: When you press "Command + F" to open the find window, you can enter the texts in the "Find" box, and click on the "Replace with" button to enter a new texts. And then click on the "Replace" button to replace the PDF texts to another ones.
replace texts in PDF

4Edit PDF Links

iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional for Mac allows you to edit and add hyperlinks to PDF easily. This helps you to access the important data and information in your documents directly.
Add links to PDF: In the "Edit" menu, click the "Link" button, you will open the toolbar on the right side of the program interface for setting links. You can select action such as "Go to a page view", "Open a file", and "Open a web page" to set the link to page, open file and to web.
Edit PDF links
Edit and delete links in PDF: After open a PDF file with hyperlink, click on the "Edit" menu and click on "Link", and you will get the link box. When you click on the link box, the properties panel will be opened on the right side of the program interface. And then you can delete and edit the links in PDF.
add links into pdf

5Cut and Paste Text from PDF

Sometimes you may need to cut and paste text from PDF to Word file or other file formats. To do this, you can click on the "Edit" button after you've opened the PDF file in iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional. Then you can move the cursor to select the text you wanted, right click and select the "Copy" option, and then you can paste the selected texts to Word document. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts "Command+C" and "Command+V" to cut and paste texts from PDF to Word.
Cut and Paste Text from PDF

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