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How to Markup PDF Documents

1Highlight Text in a PDF

To highlight text in a PDF document, click on the "Comment" on the top toolbar and choose the "Highlight" option. Then move the cursor to highlight the desired text content in the PDF file easily.
highlight text in pdf

2Underline in a PDF

You can use the underline feature under "Comment" tab to draw attention to text in a PDF. Click on the edited text and you will open a "Properties" window on the right side. In this panel you can change the color and other elements of the underline.
underline text in pdf
Strikethrough PDF Text: Besides, you can also cross-out the text by using the icon "Strikethrough" under the "Comment" tab.
strikethrough pdf text
Create a squiggly line If you want to make the text appear underlined with a squiggly line, you can choose the "Squiggly line" option under "Comment" menu.
squiggly line

3Caret Annotation

Use "Caret" Annotation function to add caret annotation to your text. A "Caret Annotation" is a visual symbol that indicates the presence of text edits.
caret annotation
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