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iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional for Windows - The Best Adobe Acrobat for Windows Alternative

Although, Adobe Acrobat is a very good program to view, and edit PDF files. But some of the users may not be familiar with the way Adobe software works, and may face problems in using them. So they need another software that might help them. The iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional for Windows is a very good alternative to the Adobe Acrobat.

  • Using this program, one can edit the PDF files as they would on MS Word.
  • One can also encrypt the PDF files with suitable passwords.
  • Converting the PDF files to other formats are also very easy.
  • PDF files can be created from MS Word, and Excel.

launch the pdf editor 6 professional

Part 1: Adobe Acrobat for Windows Full Versions

• Adobe Acrobat Pro

Would help the user to edit the PDF files, and change the fonts, and texts of the image. The user can also deal with various PDFs at one time. And the fact that the buttons of the Adobe Acrobat Pro are large and clear only helps the user to navigate better. The user interface of the program is also very simple, so new users would have much problem using this software.

• The Adobe Acrobat X

Is one such software which can be used to view PDF files, along with managing, and editing the files in a few ways. It does not enable the user to change the document fully, but would help the user to change the minor defects in the documents. Editing, managing the files are quite easy, albeit limited.

• The Adobe Acrobat XI

Enables the user to make small edits to the images, and texts directly in the PDF file itself. So the user would not need the original document to change the PDF file. This program can also be used to convert PDF files into MS word formats in which they can be edited.

Part 2: Adobe Acrobat for Windows Pros and Cons

The Adobe Acrobat XI will stay in the market till 2107, when it would be replaced by the next version completely. This program is known for its versatility, and user friendly interface, but there are a lot more to this program than that.

Adobe Acrobat for Windows Pros:

  • This edition of the Adobe Acrobat allows for more detailed editing for texts and graphics.
  • The graphical interface has been improved, and now allows documents to be combined.
  • The export capacity of the program has also been enhanced.

Adobe Acrobat for Windows Cons:

  • The navigation can be confusing sometimes.
  • Minor editing usually require many steps.
  • Performing OCR on some of the PDF files can be difficult.

Part 3: Adobe Acrobat Troubleshooting on Working in Windows

The program sometimes shows runtime errors that need troubleshooting. Some of them are:

1. Sometimes the buttons for editing are not visible.

This can be fixed by re-installing the add-ins of the program after downloading them from the internet.

2. Sometime, the program does not activate on its own after installing.

To fix this search “” file, and copy paste it on the desktop. Then delete the original file, and restart the application.

3. Sometimes there are error messages when you open Word or Excel.

This can be fixed by re-installing the program.

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