Top 5 Document Management Solutions

Document Management Solutions help individuals and organisations to track and safely store all their data at one location. These software make it easy to access documents without wasting time in physically searching through file folders and paper record. This increases efficiency and stimulates an organization's productivity. It also helps in collaboration and communication between employees, faster and more reliable control over varied documents, saves time and cost and prevents data loss. DMS is also becoming increasingly popular as its enables faster/easier access to documents which allows more work to get completed in less time. At the same time allow electronic document management solutions organizations to focus on their core competence rather then wasting time on data collection, analysis and storage.

Top 5 Document Management Solutions

We have for you a list of 5 best document management solutions which have helped many individuals and enterprises to flourish and manage their records and files in a more systematic manner.

1. iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional for Mac

iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional for Mac (or iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional for Windows) is feature rich document management solution which simplifies PDF related work with the help of its well-equipped and feature-laden tools. It is a multifunctional PDF toolkit that manages, organises, edits, creates and shares PDF Files in a safe and secure manner. It is fully compatible with Windows and Mac and takes care of all your PDF management needs. Its interface is very intuitive and guides you all along to manage your documents more efficiently.

Key Features:

  • Edits and organises PDF texts/Images/pages and Scanned documents with the help of its OCR technology.
  • Marks up, annotates, and allows free hand drawing/stamping on PDF Files.
  • Converts PDF Documents to other formats(individually or in batch).
  • Creates, combines and splits PDFs easily.
  • Helps in Filling and creating online PDF forms.
  • Enables password protection and watermarking to share PDF Files securely.

Price: $99.95 for 1 PC and $187.91 for Volume Licensing

launch the pdf editor 6 professional

2. Iron Mountain’s Document Management Solutions

Iron Mountain’s DMS is a digital document management solution and specially designed to assist organizations to have their own separate space to manage, control, view and access all their informational records and business related data. Iron Mountains’s Data Management Software supports multiple File types and retrieves your documents from various sources.

Price: $120K a year


  • Expert at protecting, preserving and managing information.
  • Ensures that your data is safe stored and yet accessible at your disposal.
  • Helps in mitigating risk of losing data with its disaster recovery feature.
  • It has a cloud based data storage system.

iron mountain

3. DocStar Document Management Solutions

DocStar's electronic document management is the document management solution for small businesses and helps small to medium and large scale enterprises manage their business records conveniently. It reduces costs, enhances productivity and keeps files secure.

Price: NA


  • Equipped with highly advanced business processes automation tools to help your business grow.
  • Enables users to capture, manage and store any type of document from varied locations on any device.
  • Its electronic content management and accounts payable features make it very unique.

doc star

4. Xerox Document Management Solutions

Xerox Document Management Solutions is cloud-based solutions and a great software to change the way one works with documents. It deals in both paper and e-document types and manages them to make them easily accessible.

Price: NA


  • Enables users to gain control over their documents and view them easily.
  • Explains how workflow automations can benefit your organisation and save costs.
  • Helps in marketing and communication to keep the organisation and customers in sync.
  • Processes transactions and manages the entire enterprise database with its ECM(Enterprise Content Management).


5. MaxxVault Enterprise Document Management Solutions

MaxxVault Document Management Software is specially designed as a flexible solution which can be contracted and expanded as per the needs the organisation. This software is feature rich and affordable.

Price: NA


  • Document Capture and document management.
  • Enterprise Content Management with OCR.
  • Enables easy and quick Document access.
  • Ensures document security and safety.
  • Makes workflow and business process automation possible.

maxx vault

The solutions listed above are the best and most reliable Document Management Software. iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional for Mac (or iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional for Windows), especially, is the most effective and efficient solution. So go ahead and download it right away.

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