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Video conferencing software has made it extremely easy for professionals to get in touch with one another who are located in diverse locations. Video conferencing software enables users to transmit video, audio, and text. The main benefit of the best video conferencing software is that you can interact with anyone anywhere and at any time, which ultimately reduces the travel cost. Through web conferencing software, you can share and receive files as well. All you need is a computer, a microphone, a web camera, and you are ready to participate in a live meeting or conference. Some of the tools comprise of advanced features, which let you record the meeting and real-time screen sharing as well.

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The Best Video Conferencing Software

When it comes to best video conferencing software, ClickMeeting stands out as the best. This excellent video conferencing software enables users to host live webinars in just a few minutes. ClickMeeting is loaded with different features, for example, private chat, screen sharing, multiuser subaccounts, chat-to-text translations, webinar statistics, and audio and video recording. Companies can use ClickMeeting to conduct high-quality audio and video conferences and webinars.

Some of the top features’ of ClickMeeting that can become handy are in-meeting polls, built-in chat, private messaging, and surveys for the audience. The free video conferencing software even has a whiteboard function, that can be used for drawing and brainstorming. Other than, you can use it for live streaming on various social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

How to begin video conferencing with ClickMeeting?

ClickMeeting enables you to create a webinar without any issue, and the process is quite simple. Read the complete step-by-step guide to understand the process and get started. You can try the for 30-days.

Step 1: Create an account and log in

The first thing to do is click on the “Start for Free” option, which gives you a 30-days free trial option. Now, fill in the details, which are your name, email ID, password, and account name. You don’t need to add your credit card details. Once you are log in to your account, click on the “Schedule Event.”

Step 2: Choosing a topic for the webinar

Every webinar has a topic. You can talk about the surveys you have recently conducted, or else discuss your business’s objective. Whatever the topic is, ensure that you have your audiences’ interest in your heart.

Step 3: Outline an agenda for the webinar

Once you have decided on a topic, the next step thing to do is find out additional materials related to the topic. Give a shape to your topic’s agenda. What are the points you are going to discuss, and more!

Step 4: Set up your webinar with ClickMeeting

First, you will have to name your webinar’s room. The name will be displayed as the URL. Now, choose the date and time for the webinar. It would be best if you decided who the participants are going to be. After the invitation is sent to the participants, they will receive a link.

Step 5: Customizing the webinar design

To create the right impression, design your webinar’s page. You can think about creating a registration page, custom branding with your company’s logo, pick an impressive background image, and add a call to action button.

Step 6: Prepare the event

On the day of the event, click on the “Prepare an event” option and click on audio and video tabs and choose to allow. You can adjust the microphone volume, and now you are all set. Click on the “Start Event” to begin.

ClickMeeting Free Trial - No Credit Card Required

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