Edit PDF Like Word

Editing PDF is easy with PDFelement because it makes it like editing texts in a Word document.

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how to edit pdf how to edit pdf
how to edit pdf how to edit pdf

PDFelement is an Easy-to-use PDF Editor.

PDFelement has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that simplifies how you edit texts and images on PDF files. Hence, you won't give up on your PDF file irrespective of device or location.

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how to edit a pdf document

Edit PDF Text

  • PDFelement alows you to edit or add texts, and links. Again you can add other components like bate numbering, watermarks, and header & footer. You can also enhance your content by changing the size, font, and color to meet your preferences.
  • You can customize the PDF background using colors, PDF, or images.

Edit PDF Image

  • Click to select the target image, then choose from a variety of options like resize, rotate, replace, delete, overturn, and move PDF. Furthermore, you can choose the desired Z-Order of this image.
  • Use the Batch Process tool in PDFelement to create individual files for each image in a PDF file.
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How to Move and Align Objects How to Move and Align Objects

Move and Align Objects

  • The program offers a seamless way to change the sequence of items. You can choose to move the items forward, backward, top, or bottom of the elements on the page.
  • If you want to precisely align several objects in your PDF, consider the Align properties. You can find these properties on the right-hand panel of the Windows version or from the right-click options. These alignments include top, right, left, horizontal center, and bottom vertical center.

Edit PDF Pages

  • PDFelement allows users to organize pages with speed and ease. Some of the features to properly organize PDF pages include sorting, rotating, adding, moving, splitting, deleting, and cropping.
Batch OCR Batch OCR
How to Edit PDF Forms How to Edit PDF Forms

Edit PDF Forms

  • PDFelement allows you to perform several form functions such as create, edit, delete, drag and drop form fields, allow e-signatures in form fields, and make them fillable with the help of the "Recognize Form" feature.
  • This program simplifies the way you insert calculations and data validation rules into your PDF form.

Edit Scanned PDF

  • PDFelement automatically recommends that you perform OCR whenever you open and try to edit a scanned document
  • PDFelement can recognize text and characters from image-based PDFs irrespective of whether they have a single or multiple pages. Again, it doesn't matter whether the PDF is a photograph or images captured via digital cameras. All these images can be converted to both searchable and editable files.
How to Edit Scanned PDF How to Edit Scanned PDF
How to Edit PDF Forms How to Edit PDF Forms

Edit Password Protected PDF

  • If you have the correct PDF password, use it to access the PDF file. With the PDF file now unlocked, you can proceed to edit, copy, comment, sign, organize, and print PDF.
  • With just the correct PDF password, users can get rid of any security on their PDF files.  

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