Top 3 Ways to Change Font Size in PDF

When you create a new document, there is always the need to change font size in PDF. It may be a heading or subheading; it may be some paragraph that you want people to pay particular attention to. Changing the font size in a document makes it more attractive to readers. It breaks the monotony of reading text that is of the same size for so long. When the eyes come across a different font size, they immediately cause the brain to be interested in what the text says, thereby making the reader go on reading. Try PDFelement Pro to do this task.

Part 1. Change Font Size in PDF using PDFelement Pro

PDFelement Pro for Mac (or PDFelement Pro for Windows) is an all-around PDF editor that allows you to change font size in PDF and edit every aspect of a PDF file. It can edit images, text, backgrounds, links and a lot more. With this tool, you can easily change the font size of your document with ease. It has a user-friendly interface that allows you to work quickly and without difficulty. There are other advanced functions bundled into the program making it similar to Acrobat Pro, but at a much lower cost. This is the tool for people who work regularly with PDF files. It is also a tool that individual users can be comfortable with.

Steps on How to Change Font Size in PDF

Step 1. Launch the Program and Import PDF Files

Download and install PDFelement Pro and then launch it from the start menu to access the welcome page. Use the "Open File" command and navigate to where your PDF file is located. You may also drag and drop the PDF file into the interface to load it. You will be shown thumbnails which you can use to determine the page that you want to edit.

import pdf to the program

Step 2. Change Existing Text Size in PDF

Go to the "Edit" feature and then select the text selection tool. Select the text that you want to change the font size. On the right side of the window, find the text panel and click on the "Font Size" feature. Select the desired font size.

change existing text size in pdf

Step 3. Change New Added Text Size

Within the "Edit" feature, click on "Add Text" you will then be able to add text to the document. Without leaving the text box, select all the text and then go to the text panel on the right side of the screen and then change text size in PDF.

change new added text size

Step 4. Change Font Size in Fillable PDF Form

When you want to change the font size of any field in a fillable PDF form, go to "Edit". Then select the text that you wanted and here you will be able to change font size in PDF form that will appear when the form is filled.

change font size in pdf form

Step 5. Save the PDF File

When you want to change the font size of any field in a fillable PDF form, go to "Form" tab and bouble click on the text content you needed, then you will got "Text Field Properties" window. Then go to "Appearence" and here you will be able to change font size in PDF form that will appear when the form is filled.

save pdf file

Why Choose PDFelement Pro to Change Font Size in PDF

It is very easy to change the font size of a PDF file when you use PDFelement Pro for Mac (PDFelement Pro for Windows). The tools are easily found thanks to the great user interface. When you have selected your font, you simply go to the text panel on the right side of the window and all font tools will be found there, including that for changing the size. You can change the size of a single letter, or a large part of the document, depending on your requirements. The way the tool works enables you to complete your edits within a short time. Editing PDF forms with this tool is also very easy as you have seen above.

  • Create and convert – indulge your creativity and create a PDF document right from the start. Also convert other file forms to PDF and then edit them to make a new PDF file.
  • PDF Forms – You may now create your own unique PDF forms. No more browsing for generic PDF forms on the Internet. You can also fill in forms from other places.
  • Great user interface – The tool has a fantastic user interface that lets you find the required tools and features with ease. Just viewing the interface gives you the confidence that allows you to edit your work with speed and accuracy.
  • Digital signature – protect your work using a unique digital ID. You can also add permissions to your PDF files. You may also change information such as Metadata on all your work.
  • Edit & OCR – Turning printed documents to digital text is easy. Simply scan them into PDF images and then take them through OCR to make them editable digital documents.

iskysoft pdf editor 6 professional for mac

Part 2. Top 5 PDF to PowerPoint Converter Online Free without Email

You can easily change PDF font size in PDF file using an online PDF editor. Online PDF editors have been said to be rudimentary in their editing features. Most cannot fully edit the original text in the PDF file and the only way to change it is to whiteout the original and then type over it. This is ideal for making minor changes. PDF2GO is an online PDF editor that can be used to change the size of PDF files. It is still one of those online PDF editors that require you to make blank out the original text and then add more text on top. However, it is easy to do so and you will not find it tedious or challenging. Here is how you go about it:

Step 1. Load the File

Go to the PDF2Go homepage and upload the file by dragging it into the selected box. You may also navigate and get it from your local disk. Wait for the file to be loaded.


Step 2. Erase the Text to be Changed

Use the whiteout tool on the right side of the screen to white out the text that you want to replace.

edit pdf in pdf2go

Step 3. Change Font Size

Now click on the text tool and then go to the area that you have erased with the whiteout tool. Proceed to type the text once more on top of the whiteout, and decrease the font size.

edit pdf with pdf2go

Step 4. Apply changes and download your PDF file

Now click on "Apply Changes" and you will be able to download the new PDF file. The process is quick and simple. You can edit as many files as you want with this free online PDF editor.

Part 3. Change Font Size in a Text Box in Adobe Acrobat

In order to change the font size of a text box in Adobe Acrobat, you have to edit the properties of the text box itself. Adobe Acrobat is not ideally a PDF editor – you have to use the Pro version in order to do so. However, even the reader can make some small changes to a PDF file with no problem at all, and then you save a copy of the new file. Not many people are aware that small changes can be made using Acrobat, and this next part shows you how to go about it. Follow the simple steps shown below and you will be able to change the font size of the PDF file that you want. The steps below will show you how to change text size in PDF.

Step 1. Add a Text Box

Go to the "Comment Panel" and then under "Markup" click on "Add Textbox".

acrobat textbox

Step 2. View Textbox Properties

Open the properties bar and you will see the textbox, its content and you will be able to change the font size here.

edit pdf in acrobat

Change the font style, size, alignment and more.

edit pdf

Part 4. Comparision on 3 Ways to Change PDF Font Size


PDFelement Pro for Mac


Adobe Acrobat Pro DC



$89.95 (1 Windows Computer)
Volume licensing starting from $169.11 for 2 computers

$14.99 / month


Operating System

Mac OS X Windows

Mac OS X Windows


Key Features

1. Powerful editing features.
2. You can edit every aspect of a PDF file.
3. You can also create PDF forms and documents from scratch.
4. Converts PDF to other formats and others to PDF.
5. Advanced OCR feature.
6. You can add security features (Digital ID) and edit permissions.
7. Edit metadata with ease.
8. Supports e-signatures.
9. Freehand drawing.

1. Powerful PDF editor.
2. It edits every aspect of a PDF file.
3. Creates PDF forms and documents.
4. Converts PDF to other formats and others to PDF.
5. OCR has to be bought as a separate plug-in.
6. Creates and edits permissions.
7. Also adds digital ID.
8. Supports Signatures
9. Freehand drawing.

It has basic editing features, but powerful conversion capability

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