Why Should You Choose Digital Learning


Control your study time

Learning is no longer just done in schools within a stipulated calendar year. Internet access and the growing technology give you the flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere.


Control the study place

Learning is no longer a matter of physical classroom sessions. The Internet and the growth of connected devices have given you the ability to learn anything, anytime and anywhere.


Control your study path

Learning is no longer restricted to the pedagogy used by the instructor. Interactive and adaptive tools now allow you to learn in a bespoke fashion. It is now more personalized and engaging.


Control the study pace

Learning is no longer restricted to the pace of an entire class. Interactive and adaptive tools allow you to learn at your own pace. Depending on your abilities, you can spend more or less time on content.

Preparation Before the Start of Digital Learning

It is important to set up effective study spaces and routines to leverage the advantages of technology.
Suitable and comfortable study space can improve the productivity of digital learning. There are some equipment
and software are recommended.

Recommended Equipment

A comfortable desk and chair
Laptop/Tablet/Mobile phone
and speakers

Recommended Software

Video Conferencing
▪  Google EDU
▪  Zoom
▪  Wyzant
▪  Google Docs
▪  Microsoft Office
▪  Trello
Time Management Tools
▪  Rescue Time
▪  Toggl
▪   Pomodor
Note-taking Tools
▪  Notability
▪  OneNote
▪  PDFelement

6 Tips to Increase Productivity at
Digital Learning

Tip 1. Develop Your Time Management Skills

Create a daily/weekly action plan. You can design a schedule yourself using applications such as Todoist, nTask, or Anydo. Alternatively, you can download a template and fill it in using a tool such as PDFelement.

Choose your top three important tasks and use the highlight or underline tool to emphasize them. Check off or cross off completed tasks. If you have many tasks and little time left, this helps you decide which ones to focus on first.

Plan your day of study and rest. Set aside appropriate time for breaks.


Tip 2. Preview Your Text and Other Study Materials Before Class

Digital learning requires more attention. It is important to preview texts and study materials before class. It will be much easier to remember and learn the details.

Mark questionable content while previewing your study materials. When you doubt a sentence or paragraph, you can add a bookmark or note box to record it.


Tip 3. What Should You Do When Join a Digital Class

Create a quiet study space. Mute your phone so that it does not distract you.

Check your Wi-Fi connectivity and connect your applications before class.

Take notes in class. PDFelement provides you with many annotation tools such as highlighting, stamps, text boxes, underlining, etc.

Keep in touch. Networking with your teachers or classmates will help you discuss the content you learned in class for better understanding.


Tip 4. Taking Notes When Having Class

Listen and read carefully and decide what to include in your notes.

Before creating your notes, you can check out typical note-taking systems such as Cornell Notes, Outline, Flowchart/Concept Map, diagramming method, etc.

Do some research on note-taking tools and choose your favorite one. P.S. Use PDFelement to take notes. You can easily manage your notes, export, import notes, and share them with your classmates.


Tip 5. Effectively Organize Your Digital Materials

Develop an organizational structure. Create a folder for each class with subfolders for each chapter or unit.

Scan your books and homework to make them PDFs and categorize the PDF files, books, and homework in folders. PDFelement OCR enables you to edit and search in scanned images, which can help you find and edit desired content quickly.

Review your notes, hide your notes on PDFs, and remember key content points. Ensure you check what you have learned from class daily or weekly.


Tip 6. Give a Great Presentation

Determine the purpose of the presentation and check what information you need to provide ahead of time.

Make sure your slides display smoothly. Sometimes you may have problems playing your slides on different devices. It's advisable to convert your slides to PDFs using PDFelement, which can be transferred quickly, opened, and read on any device in the same format they were created in initially.

Practice makes perfect. In addition to practicing the ideas and content of what you want to say, practice how you want your presentation to flow.


Start Your Digital Learning With PDFelement


Reading eBooks Anywhere

Reading eBooks is a great option because they are much cheaper than printed books.

1. Open PDF document on PDFelement;

2. Click on the "View" icon. There are 4 viewing modes to suit your reading habits. You can enlarge your PDF files from 20% to 6400%.

3. With the "Slide Show" option, you can view your PDF file as a slideshow, which is much more convenient for reading eBooks or making presentations.


Creating a Study Plan

Creating a planner or to-do list to help you get things done promptly.

1. Download a planner template, open it with PDFelement.

2. Click "Edit"> "Add Text'', type your daily or weekly plan. You can choose different text colors and text fonts, making your planner colorful and beautiful.

3. Go to the "Form" option. You can add checkboxes and radio buttons. You can also check off or cross off completed tasks.


Effective Note-Taking in Class

Annotations help you better understand and review key content after class.

1. Open your study materials in PDFelement. Click on the "Comment" button and choose comment tools to annotate PDF.

2. You can click the "Hide annotation" icon and review what you have learned in class.

3. Click the "Comment" icon on the left toolbar. You will find all the comments you made.

4. Click the "Export annotation" icon on the left toolbar. You can export your annotations and share them with your classmates.


Making Materials Digital

PDFelement helps you convert study materials from physical to digital so that you can study anywhere, anytime.

1. Open PDFelement and go to "File > Create > From Scanner."

2. Make sure it has connected to your scanner. Select your scanner or device and click the "Scan" button to create PDF.

3. A scanned PDF can open in PDFelement directly.

4. Next, go to "Tool > OCR" to make the scanned PDF document editable or searchable. This PDFelement OCR provides over 20 languages recognition.


Converting PDFs to MS Files Formats

It is important to maintain high quality when converting PDF to Microsoft formats like PPT, Words, Excel.

1. Open PDF file in PDFelement;

2. Click on the "Convert" button; you will see many formats can choose from on the submenu.

3. Click one, such as "To Word," then choose a local folder, click "Save."

4. It only takes a few seconds to complete the conversion process. You can then find your converted files in a folder without losing the original format.


Sharing Files with Classmates/Teachers

Sending your homework to the teacher is necessary to ensure what you learn from classes.

1. If you have scanned your homework to a PDF file or completed it in PDF directly, open it in PDFelement.

2. Go to "File > Share," there are several online sharing tools you can choose, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Wondershare Cloud, and more. Select one and upload your PDF file, then you can share it with the online tool.

3. Alternatively, click the "Send email" icon on the top menu, the opened PDF file will automatically be attached, and then you can send it to your teacher.

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