How to Change PDF to Image


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Sometimes you might find it necessary to change PDF to image. As convenient as PDF is, it can get kind of bulky, and if you want to save it on a single page it might be best to just convert it to an image that would be easier to control. Whatever it is that you are needing to do this for, there is a mountain of different ways you can go about it.

How to Change PDF to Image

If you ever find the need to do something like this, I would highly suggest using a product called PDFelement Pro . This PDF editort allows you to change pdf to image easily you can also use tihis tool to convert a PDF into tons of different formats, such as Excel, Word and PPT. You are able to save PDF as high-quality pictures.They have a free trial available, which you can use as an opportunity to explore their product before making any commitment to buy anything that is final. It can be downloaded and installed in both, Mac and Windows. If you want to turn PDF into image with PDFelement, here is how:

How to change PDF to Image

Step 1. Launch PDFelement

First, you're going to have to download the program from it's official website and follow the usual steps involved in installation. After it has finished, the program will launch on its own. For ease of access, it will also automatically create a desktop shortcut you can use when you want to open it later.

launch PDFelement

Step 2. Import PDF to the program

Now that we've launched the program, it's time to begin the next step. For that you're going to need to have a PDF that is ready to be changed into an Image. If that is so, click the "Open File…" button and search for that PDF in the windows pop-up. Once you've highlighted the PDF file, press "Open" and the file will now be imported for you to change pdf to image!

open pdf file

Step 3. Select image format as the output

In order to change PDF to image, you can click on the "Convert" button and choose the file formats that you want to convert. Here you can choose the "To Image" option.

choose the convert format

If you were hoping to make some edits before conversion, now would be the time to do it. However, if you're ready to go, please click the "Edit" tab. This will open up a brand new screen, where you'll be able to find many editing tools that allows you to edit texts, images, links and other elements in PDF files.

edit PDF files

Step 4. Convert PDF to image format

This is the part where we can transform PDF to image. Click on the "To Image" button, this will open up a new menu where you will see the option 'Image' under this are the different image formats that PDFelement allows conversion for. Pick the image format that suits your needs and click the "Convert" button. You've now successfully changed a PDF to an image! Make sure to save your image so that you'll be able to use it later!

change pdf to image

Why Choose PDFelement to Change PDF to Image

PDFelement Pro has a variety of different uses one of them just so happens to be the ability to convert PDF files into different formats. Which is perfect if you’re looking to make whatever it is that you’re converting into a more accessible product. The limitations that come with PDFs can be a bit of a bummer. PDFelement takes away those inconveniences and makes PDF files a lot more accessible!

Key features of PDFelement:

  • The ability to convert PDf files into a variety of formats: Word, Excel, PPT, Pages, EPUB, RTF, HTML, images, etc.
  • Make sure to secure your PDF files by giving access to the right people.
  • The ability to edit text and images that appear in the PDF.
  • Compressing your files to make it easier to use and send.
  • Marking up, annotating and signing your own PDFs.

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