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Drafters are professionals who use AutoCAD and CAD in creating various plans and designs. The software can be used for planning and designing infrastructures, computer chips, and for machinery as well. AutoCAD is a creation of AutoDesk and has its limitations. It will generally support only the files that are compatible with it. The native or most basic format of files created in AutoCAD is the .dwg file. With this file format, utmost compatibility can be ensured. Just recently, .dwf files have been added in the file formats supported by AutoCAD. Given the limitations in the file types that AutoCAD can natively work with, you cannot just readily use any other format including the .pdf format. But don't worry. Let's see how to convert PDF to AutoCAD or CAD compatible formats.

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It can be very time-consuming to do some editing work on your PDF file when it is already incorporated in your .dwg file. That is why it is highly recommended that you do editing first before you integrate such PDF files into your current work. If so, PDFelement Pro is the highly recommended tool to edit PDF files.

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Part 1. 2 Easy Ways to Convert PDF to AutoCAD and CAD

There are several ways on how to convert the PDF files to CAD and AutoCAD supported formats like .dwg or .dwf files.

Method 1. Manually Copy and Paste

The first method involves a manual technique of copying and pasting content from the .pdf file to the AutoCAD file. Using the Select tool of the normal PDF reader, choose the portion to be copied and paste it on the AutoCAD file. This creates a bitmap image that you can incorporate into your work. The resolution can be controlled before copying in order to get clearer images.

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Method 2. Using Online PDF to AutoCAD Converters

The second method involves the use of a specialized converting service. With this method, the vector graphics will be preserved. The converted file can then be edited just like any normal AutoCAD and CAD file. One of the online converters is PDFAUTOCAD. The good thing about using these programs is the fact that they are very easy to work with.

To do a conversion, you would simply upload the .pdf file that you want to convert and then enter your email address to receive the result.

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Tips: How to Insert PDF Files in AutoCAD

You can also make use of your PDF file in your AutoCAD work by importing such file and integrating it into your current design or plan. You can use the Insert tool in the AutoCAD program to place the file in your workspace. You can also capture the PDF file and then paste it as an image in the .dwg file. Whatever method that you use depends on what further work you want to be done on the inserted or imported .pdf file.

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Part 2. AutoCAD vs CAD

Computer Aided Design (CAD) is the broader term that encompasses all forms of computer-aided design work. It can be in various programs. These days there are a lot of options already when it comes to CAD programs. However, AutoCAD still reigns supreme in this field. AutoCAD is the more specific term that refers to the CAD program first introduced and developed by AutoDesk, Inc. AutoCAD allows drafters to render plans and designs in 2D and 3D versions.

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CAD principles are used in order to obtain more accurate, realistic, and efficient plans and designs. They can be used in constructing buildings, planning entire communities, and in creating machines and computers. They also have other less known applications such as in designing clothes, bags, and accessories.

The main commonality between CAD and AutoCAD is the use of computer technology. Mathematical algorithms are used to create a wide range of images that are used in the designing and rendering of structures and plans.


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