An Easy Method for Converting PDF to Speech


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PDF format is widely supported among common platforms be it on a personal computer or mobile device. The PDF format is also maximized to allow highlighting and annotation without destroying the original file, allowing users to remove annotations and re-edit the document as needed. The good thing is PDF files could also be converted to speech as needed. In this article, there are several ways to convert PDF to speech which you might find helpful.

How to Convert a PDF to Speech Using Adobe Read Out Loud

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There are several applications that can convert texts to speech. These programs work on different platforms even on mobile operating systems. One way to convert PDF files to speech is through Adobe's own Read Out Loud tool that comes with Adobe Reader 6.0 or later. For the feature to work it is important to make sure that the computer has the needed TTS or Text To Speech engine installed on the computer's operating system.

  • To get started with Read Out Loud, open the document with Adobe Reader and click "View" at the top. From the options, select "Read Out Loud". There would be several options to choose from depending on which part of the document you want to be read. You can choose either "Read This Page Only" or "Read to End of Document".
  • For full user control, the program allows users to pause and resume reading. Under "Read Out Loud", you can find the option to "Pause Reading" and "Resume Reading" depending on whether the file is already being read or is paused. From the same set of option you would also be able to find the option to stop reading.
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Tips for Using Read Out Loud Feature

Aside from manually looking for and clicking on the options mentioned above, there are also keyboard shortcuts that can be used to execute the commands easily.

  • The Control+Shift+V keyboard combination on a Windows computer, executes the Read This Page Only command. Its keyboard equivalent for mac computers is Command+Shift+V.
  • To convert the entire document to speech, the keyboard combination Control+Shift+B for Windows and Command+Shift+B for Mac.
  • To pause or resume reading, use Control+Shift+C (Windows) or Command+Shift+C (Mac).
  • Finally to stop reading, you can use Control+Shift+E keyboard combination on Windows and Command+Shift+E for Mac.

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