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XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a markup language in computing that defines a set of rules for encoding documents in a format for human-reading and machine-reading. There might be times you need to convert PDF to XML for use in the Web service. Here we help you pick up the top 15 online PDF to XML converters, allowing you to process the conversion easily. If you want to convert PDF to other formats, you can choose PDFelement Pro.

Part 1: Top 5 PDF to XML Converters for Mac

Customers may ask "How do I save a PDF as an XML?" or "how do I convert a pdf to xml file?". There are different software that helps convert files from PDF to XML. These software are available for use by either PC users or Mac users. Below is a list of the PDF to XML converters in no particular order.

#1: Doxillion Mac Document Converter

The Doxillion converter is a PDF to XML Mac converter tool that boasts features such as converting between many different formats, including HTML, WPS, PDF, DOC, and TXT, among others. It is also very easy as one just needs to drag and drop a document to convert it into a specific output. This PDF to XML converter works on OS X 10.3 and later OSs. It requires at least 4MB space for installation and running.

Price: 0


#2: Verypdf PDF to XML

This is also a PDF to XML converter for Mac whose size is 8MB. Although it mainly converts PDF documents, the output formats vary. Among the format, it outputs include Word, RTF, JPEG, TNG among others. One of the advantages of this system over the others is that this one also converts diagrams and not text alone. However, it is very costly when compared to the others, but it is worth spending. It is also compatible with OS X 10.6.

Price: 0


#3: Able2Extract PDF Converter

The Able2extract software is cross-platform and would thus also work on Macs. This convert PDF to XML tool allows users to change documents from PDF format into other formats, including XML and Autocad. Although it is sold, it is worthy. It contains Optical Color Recognition technology which converts images and symbols from the PDF. Another advantage is also its compatibility across different platforms.

Price: $99.95

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#4: Save As XML Plugin for Mac

This is a plugin that lets the user change the purpose of the content without any difficulties. This plugin can also be used over a network, unlike the others, which cannot. The advantage of using this plugin is that it saves time. Where a user would have to first complete their document then look for a converter to convert they just type and save an XML compatible file. Also, it outputs a number of different text formats such as HTML and XHTML. However, the disadvantage with this plugin is that it can only be used with text and not business diagrams. This program is compatible with any Macintosh operating system and has a size of 2.8MB.

Price: $39.00

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#5: Open XML

This helps convert the PDF into XML format that is compatible with the earlier versions of Mac. Also, it can convert XML files back to the other format in case a user might need that. Its size is 45.1MB and it is compatible with OS X and later operating systems. For the user to view the converted documents too, he or she must have Office 2004. The advantage of this is that compatibility with earlier versions will not be a problem. However, it requires a lot of resources to run when compared to other converters. This slows the memory of the system and thus it becomes a nuisance.

Price: 0

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Part 2: Top 5 Tools to Convert PDF to XML on Windows

#1: Acrobat reader Plugin

Most of us will have an Acrobat reader on our computer. How to convert pdf to xml using adobe reader 9? Acrobat reader plugin allows the user to change the format of their document through the "save as" prompt. The advantage to this converter is that you do not have to waste time by saving as a different format and then converting it to an XML compatible format. The only disadvantage with using this software is that it is better optimized for text and might lose some aspects of diagrams.

Price: 0

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#2: NitroPDF

This is also a PDF reader that also has the ability to convert. The advantage of this software is that it has a number of outputs which include JPEG and HTML. Also, NitroPDF can work on Windows XP and later operating systems.

Price: $139.99


#3: mini PDF to XML OCR Converter

mini PDF to XML OCR Converter that converts documents from PDF to XML and other formats such as Rich Text Format (RTF) or Word Format. Moreover, the output file will keep the same quality as the original PDF files, you can edit the created Word documents easily. The best aspect of this PDF to XML converter is it can do conversion without Adobe Acrobat and MS office.

Price: $59.95

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#4: VeryDOC PDF to XML Converter

This is a DLL Library that works in rendering PDF files to XML, text and image data. The latest version of VeryDoc can work with any operating system preceding Windows XP. It is 2.06 MB.

Price: $299.00

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This software only converts documents from a PDF file to an XML. For this software to work, one must have the xpdf and libxml2. One advantage of this software is that it can extract vectorial instructions from the original document. The disadvantage with this software is that it has only one format output; XML. It is only 1.2MB and can work on any OS after Windows XP.

Price: 0

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Part 3: Top 5 Web Tools to Convert PDF to XML

#1: Comet Docs

The site is very simple to use and is also pleasing to the eye. Apart from converting the documents, the site also has the ability to transfer, share and host the documents. The online site also boasts of various output formats, including PowerPoint, Word and Excel.


#2: A Converter

This is another online PDF to XML converter which boasts of the most output formats. It provides XML conversion, JPG to Word conversion, image to PDF conversion and so on. The site is also user-friendly and simple to use.


#3: Docparser

This site converts PDFs to XML format only. The advantage of this site is that it also deals with scientific documents, which means that it is good at handling images and diagrams. The site is also very simple to use and does not require a lot of bandwidth to work well.


#4: Docspal

This is another conversion site that supports a lot of format output. Among its output formats are text and odt format among others. Despite its variety in output, the site mainly deals with text and might not be the best for diagrams and images.


#5: PDF Tables

This is a converter also simple to use. Another advantage with this site is that it also allows for the user to convert PDF to Excel, CSV or XML, and this PDF to XML converter provides the first 25 pages conversion for free.




ODT is the file document created by Open office. This document extension can be viewed in Microsoft Word 2007 or later versions. Also, it is possible to view the document by installing an ODF add-in for Microsoft office.


XPS, on the other hand is an XML Paper Specification that specifies page description language and a fixed-document format. This specification viewer is found in any windows operating system coming after vista. However, although it is in the internet explorer in windows vista, it is found as a native program in the other operating systems. An XPS viewer is an application that is used to view papers in the XPS format and can be accessed by clicking on an XPS file.


Open document format is used in the same capacity as Microsoft Word. The XML standard helps convert the documents to versions that are compatible across different operating systems. However, where .doc(x) and .odt files are mainly concerned with text, the ODF files use XML standard files for charts, presentations and spreadsheets.

More Tips about XML

XML refers to Extensible Markup language which defines rules that help with encoding documents to format readable by both humans and machines. The rules set for these definitions are from open standard specifications such as XML 1.0 among others.

The Extensible Markup Language is set to help with ensuring that the internet is not only simple to use but also usable while still being comprehensive. The language is in the format of texts but is supported by Unicode. Despite the fact that XML is designed to handle documents, it is more popular for representing arbitrary data structures in areas such as software development and web services.

XML has many applications which is the reason why many files are converted to the language. Many of the developers of office productivity tools favor the formats based on the XML formats, for instance, Microsoft Word and iWork. For this reason, it is more practical to use them to avoid any compatibility issues. Also, over the years, the language has been used for interchanging data over the internet. For this reason, it is the most popular one and unless the other party is on the same page as you it might not be a successful interchange. And if you want to get more PDF solutions, you can go to this page.

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