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Portable Document Format files are created from different other types of documents, and you will have no difficulties to convert an Excel Spreadsheet or a Word document into a PDF. But it will be more difficult to copy PDF to Excel, no matter if we are talking about Windows or Mac. There are multiple online tools available, you can use to make this task easier, so you only have to look online and decide which one of them is more suitable for you. You already know that PDF files are designed to only be read, so if you want to use them in Excel, then you will have some issues to paste the information. Here is a guide of PDFelement Pro that will help you understand better the process.

The Best Tool to Copy PDF to Excel

Before you copy the information from the PDF file to the Excel spreadsheet, you will have to convert it. This means that you will have to use a specially designed software to help you do this, because you have to make sure that the information you get is accurate. There are multiple PDF to Excel converters online, and you may not know which one of them is the right one for your needs. It is important to opt for a reliable one, as PDFelement Pro. This PDF editor allows you to copy PDF to Excel spreadsheet easily, and even batch convert multiple PDF files to other file formats.

How to Copy from PDF to Excel

If you want to make sure that you will get accurate information when you copy it from a PDF file to an Excel spreadsheet, you should use make sure you follow the following steps.

Step 1. Start the program

The first thing you have to do is to double click on the tool and to launch it. You will have no issues in doing it, because the program is designed in an intuitive way.

start up

Step 2. Import the PDF form to the program

Then you will have to go to the Homepage of the editor and click on the “Open File” option. It will allow you to select the document from your folder and to import it into the editing tool.

import pdf file

Step 3. 2 Ways to Copy from PDF to Excel

1. Convert PDF to Excel Format

After you’ve imported the PDF form to the program, click on the “To Excel” button under the “Convert” button. Then you can easily copy PDF table to Excel by converting the PDF directly into an Excel one.

convert pdf to excel

2. Directly Copy PDF Table and Paste to Excel

If you want to directly copy PDF text to Excel, you will have to click on the "Select" button in the main interface, move cursor to select the form data that you needed and right click on it, choose the "Copy" option and you can paste the selected form data to Excel. Apart from this, you can also use iSkysfot PDF editor to extract tables from PDF as Excel spreadsheets.

copy pdf to excel

Why Choose PDFelement Pro to Copy Table from PDF to Excel

This PDFelement Pro is listed at an affordable price, but it comes with all the features you may need to effectively convert the information from one file to another. And what is amazing about this product is that it offers you the possibility to access multiple functions. You have the possibility to try the free trial of the editor, if you have doubts if you should try it or not.

Key Features of PDFelement Pro

  • You can watermark the files and you can redact the sensitive texts, pages and images.It also applies bates numbers to files, adds headers and footers and changes the background of the document.
  • In addition, you can edit the test from the document, add and delete parts of text. The tool allows you to also edit images and pages.
  • When it comes to securing the documents, you will find the process quite easy if you use the PDFelement Pro, because it allows you to add and remove passwords on documents. It also offers you the possibility to apply password restrictions.
  • The editor is a useful tool if you want to fill the PDF file with different forms, and to edit and customize these forms. Also, with a single click you can extract data form from the documents.
  • You can use the editor to create and convert the PDF files to different formats. You can also use it to split and combine PDF documents.
  • The editor also comes with the feature of Markup and Sign, and this means that you can highlight certain parts of the file, you can add notes to the text, stamp the PDF file and hand draw on it.
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