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Creating document is a daily job for workers and student alike. Many people have to work through projects, assignment, and reports. The document creation may involve using the images of document which they referred for making the document. In that case it is important the user must have a method available with them through which then can put those images in PDF into document in the desired manner. You will be surprise to know such tools are already available which can make the process to insert PDF images into Word comfortably.

How to Insert PDF Image into Word

The PDFelement for Mac (Compatible with macOS High Sierra) or PDFelement for Windows comes with advanced methods that will help you to insert PDF image into Word file easily. To save the time, PDFelement also allows you to convert multiple PDF files in batch. Let’s look at some methods on how to use this PDF tool to insert images in PDF files in Doc file.

Method 1: Extract images From PDF files

This method employs extracting image from the PDF file and exporting them in image format so that they can be inserted into word file as image.

Step 1. Import PDF with image to the Program

Open the PDFelement and then go to home button. From there you import the desired PDF file. From here we will follow the task extracting the images.

launch the pdf editor 6 professional

Step 2. Extract image from PDF file

First select the “Edit” menu and then select the image, either individually or in batch, and select the option “Extract” which is available on the right side of the screen in image editing panel. A pop will appear showing you the option to edit the image or select the export format of the image. Choose the desired location in the system to store the image.

extract image from pdf

Step 3. Insert the extracted PDF image to Word file

Open the word file where you want to insert the image. Select the insert image option and browse to the location where you have stored the extracted image. Select the image and voila you have completed the process.

Method 2: Convert PDF with image to Word format

Step 1. Import the PDF file

Open PDFelement and then go to home button. Drag and drop the desired PDF file with image into the “Convert” tab.

launch the pdf editor 6 professional

Step 2. Convert the PDF into Word file

Now you can click on the “To Word” option under the “Convert” tab. Fill in the required details in the dialogue box like the format of the destination file (here it will be .doc) and place of storing the file etc.

convert pdf with image to word

Step 3. Copy and paste the image from PDF to Word

Once the PDF file is converted into word file, you can easily open it and then copy and paste the image to the Word file. Open the destination word file and paste the photos.

As said earlier many software and online PDF converter are available for the purpose. Most of them are free of cost and are very handy when it comes to quickly getting the results. They are perfect tools for the new users or for casual users. The procedure of using PDF to Word converter online tool to convert JPEG in PDF to Word are pretty simple and often comes with instructions for the first timers. But for those who will be going to use for a heavy-duty job or are going to use the feature for a long period would rather love to use advanced tool as:

  1. Free tools are limited in the scope.
  2. Online tools would require constant net connection.
  3. The quality may not be as desired.
  4. They lack editing feature which reduces its application for advanced users.

Keeping the above points in mind it is important that we adopt powerful software which can be used to insert PDF image into Word and other such task efficiently. One such tool is PDFelement. Click here to get the full guide of managing PDF document with this smart PDF tool.

Why Choose PDFelement to Insert PDF Image into Word File?

If you are thinking of why PDFelement then we can give you many reasons to trust PDFelement for Mac (or PDFelement for Windows) for your PDF related task. PDFelement provides the tools and resources that are all-in-one solution to your PDF related task. Not only that it comes with state-of-the-art expert team who are ever ready to solve all your technical issues. Not only that, the software comes with a most happening community where you can resolve your problem. The software is equipped with OCR technology that enables it to convert scanned PDF into word file comfortably.

Key features included:

  • Compatible with all the types of OS so no compatibility issue.
  • The software comes with OCR scanning that converts a scanned copy to digitally readable.
  • Backed by a group of experts who will solve any technical issue.
  • Annual update to keep PDFelement secure from any security threat.
  • PDFelement contains robust tools that can handle everything from creating and editing PDF to securing PDF.



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