How to Start Webarchive to PDF Conversion

A webarchive is a file format on Mac OS X that allows you to save all web pages on Safari Web browser. These saved pages are accessible even when you are not connected to the Internet. To view this file formats, they should be converted to a readable format such as HTML. These files are important since you can view all web pages, images, HTML files and scripts even when you are offline and lessen the hassle of copying and pasting from the Internet.

Webarchive are used to create ads that can be used on Apple marketing platform. With all the Webarchives files on your Safari browser you can decide to change the files to a standard format that you can be able to view it from different computers. The ideal format is Portable Document Format (PDF). Now let's learn how to convert Webarchive to PDF.

The Easiest Way to Convert Webarchive to PDF

To Convert Webarchive to PDF, what you need is PDF software that can perform this task accurately. The highly recommended software is PDFelement for Mac (or PDFelement for Windows). You can follow the below simple steps to start Webarchive to PDF conversion.

Steps on How to Create PDF from Webarchive on Mac (macOS Mojave)

To use PDFelement for Mac you need to download it to your Mac provided you are running macOS 10.14 Mojave and earlier. Now here is a guide on how to use it.

Step 1. Import the Webarchive Files

After downloading PDFelement for Mac then install it and open it on your computer. Now to upload these files to the program, click on "Create PDF" on the primary window. On the new window click search for the Webarchive file on your computer and select click on it. To import it click on "Open".

create pdf

Step 2. Edit Webarchive Files (Optional)

Amazingly, before you convert Webarchive to PDF you can also edit the uploaded files on the program. As mentioned earlier there are a number of editing options. For instance, you can edit texts by adding or deleting them. To get these options simply click on "Edit" button. You can also change the font size of the texts. If you are a person who likes adding sticky notes, drawing markup, highlighting texts in your files then click on the "Comment" button.

edit text01

Step 3. Save Webarchive as PDF

When you are done editing Webarchives you should always save changes. From there you can freely save the Webarchive file to a PDF format. It is simple. Go to menu and click on "File". Under the drop down menu click on "Save as" and select the location to save the file. Depending on the preference of someone you can also rename the file before saving. The process takes less than a minute.

save as pdf

Why Choose PDFelement for Mac as the Best Webarchive to PDF Converter

PDFelement for Mac (or PDFelement for Windows) is ideal software since it can create PDF file from different file formats such as Webarchives, emails and many more. Besides, you can also use this tool to convert PDF to other editable formats or saving them as PDF files. The editable formats include PowerPoint, Images, HTML, EPUB, MS- Word, Excel, Rich Text and Plain Text.

Why Choose This Webarchive to PDF Converter

  • Create PDF from other formats.
  • Edit PDF with multiple editing tools.
  • Secure PDF with passwords and watermark.
  • Convert PDF to other formats.
  • Fill in and create PDF forms.
  • OCR PDF with multiple languages options.

pdfelement 6 for mac

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