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PDF files are quite popular these days. They are quite neat and they retain their formats even when compressed for sending over the internet. However, to open and read a PDF file you need a dedicated PDF reader for Windows. Today there are many PDF readers for Windows in the market that you can use. However, not all these programs are great while others are less useful. The Best PDF reader for Windows has many features that make it easy not just to read the file but also to perform many other tasks such as form filling and annotation among others. Here is the best PDF reader for Windows 10 you should consider using:

The Best 7 PDF Reader for Windows

#1 PDFelement Pro

PDFelement Pro is one of the top PDF readers for Windows 10. It is designed with many features that make creating, reading editing and highlighting sections of your PDF file easy. If your work involves processing many PDF files each month then you should make this PDF reader for PC your best friend. You can use it to create PDF files, fill in PDF forms, edit your PDF files, read PDF ebooks and iBooks and send your PDF files over the internet. It is compatible with all Windows versions which means that you don't have to worry about the window version you are using.


  • It gives you the freedom to work on your PDF files. You can convert word documents to PDF, read PDF files, edit your PDF files, watermark your PDF files, protect your PDF file with a password and compress your PDF file among many other options.
  • It supports about 17 languages which makes it easy to use even if you are not a native English speaker.
  • It is pretty easy to use as it has a super fast drag and drop function.
  • It is easy to view scanned documents.


  • Save with PDFelement watermark.
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#2 Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Adobe Acrobat reader is PDF native reader. Therefore it is the most powerful and easy to use PDF reader in the market. It comes into versions: the basic reader and the advanced version. For easy PDF reading and editing the basic version will do and it's all free. However, if you need to do more than reading your PDF file then you will need the advanced version. The key advantage of the Adobe Acrobat PDF reader is the fact that it is designed to handle every task related to PDF files. Whatever you want to do with your PDF file be it adding stamps, filling forms, adding notes, adding digital signatures or even reading multiple files at the same time the adobe acrobat PDF reader has you covered. Adobe reader also handles any PDF file irrespective of the size even the free version has no restrictions on the PDF files you can open.


  • The free version is the most powerful of any free PDF reader.
  • It has a great user interface which makes it easy to use.
  • The advanced version comes with many sophisticated features that most other PDF readers do not have.
  • It is compatible with all operating systems.


  • The free version has limited features.
  • It only has mainstream features doesn't consider specialized PDF uses.
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#3 Foxit PDF reader

This is a powerful PDF reader with some history. It was one of the first adobe Acrobat reader alternatives to become the mainstream. Over the years it has undergone some upgrades and today it is still one of the best free PDF readers you should use. It comes with many features that make reading and modifying PDF files easy. It is super easy to use as it has many edit tabs that make doing just almost anything be it adding digital signatures, tacking changes, filling forms or even text markup a click away. Furthermore, Foxit Reader lets you create your own short cut which makes using it super easy especially if you do repeated things like editing the same thing on different PDF files.


  • It similar to Microsoft Office applications which mean that anyone with experience using Microsoft office can use it.
  • You can customize your PDF viewing.
  • It has many features that are easy to use.
  • It is easy to send your PDF files with this reader.


  • It crashes frequently especially if you have limited space on your computer.
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#4 Qoppa Free PDF Viewer

The Qoppa is another awesome free PDF reader. This powerful program is compatible with all Windows versions which makes it possible for anyone to use it irrespective of the kind of PC they have. It is also available for Mac users. The program has many great features that allow you to easily open and read your PDF files. In addition, you can use it to annotate and edit your PDFs.


  • It is completely free.
  • Has many features for PDF annotation.
  • Is compatible with many operating systems.


  • Its features are limited
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#5 Nitro PDF Reader

This is another great PDF reader that easily blends with Microsoft office making it easy to use to read and modify your PDF file. It has an easy to use interface and works more like a member of the Microsoft office. It also comes with many features that make it easy for you to do almost anything you want with your Microsoft office. Unlike many free readers, this PDF reader actually lets you do many things such as fill forms, add a digital signature, extract images, convert PDF to word and add notes to your PDF file all for free. In addition, it is compatible with all Windows versions from Windows XP all the way to Windows 10.


  • It has a user-friendly interface that is almost like a Microsoft product.
  • Has some of the most advanced PDF modification features in the market.
  • You can access some of the most special features that many other PDF readers do not have.
  • Receives frequent upgrades for better offerings.


  • Does not have a free version.
  • You can use it to embed an audio file into your PDF file.
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#6 Expert PDF Reader

This is a free PDF reader for Windows that comes with many standard features that make handling your PDF file easy. It has a great user interface that makes using it super easy even for first-time users. Using this Expert PDF Reader you can read your PDF file, add notes to it, highlight important points and add a text box among other things. The premium version comes with all the latest features allowing you to do more with your PDF files.


  • It is easy to use.
  • Comes with many features.
  • The premium version has some of the most advanced features in the market.


  • Lacks some advanced features.
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#6 Sumatra PDF

Sumatra PDF reader is one of the best PDF readers for Windows in the world right now. It is a powerful program that comes with many features that makes using your PDF files easily. It is not designed for editing PDF files but it is an awesome PDF reader that loads fast and has many features that allow for easy navigation of your document. It also supports other file formats such as Mobi and ePub formats. It is thus a perfect reading program that you need on your computer.


  • Fast when it comes to opening and loading files.
  • Supports many other formats other than PDF.
  • Allow you watermark and merge your PDF files.


  • Has limited features when compared to other PDF readers.
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The Best PDF Reader for Windows You Can Choose

PDFelement Pro is the best PDF reader for Windows. It is a complete all-in-one PDF program that comes with many features for annotating and editing your PDF files. Many people love it because it is easy to use and with its mean features, it gives you the freedom to do more with your PDF file. Often when reading a longer PDF file you will want to make a note here or add a comment there. With this PDF reader, you don't need to worry about doing so because it has all the features you need for whatever you want to do on your PDF file.

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