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There are two major ways that PDF users can add links to their PDF files. They can either add using a desktop app or via an online app. While desktop applications have several inherent benefits, scores of people tend to forget that online platforms can be quite useful especially if you are dealing with less bulky work. The question that lingers in the minds of several PDF users is how to effectively add a link to PDF online. Well, this is not a rocket science question. With a clear guide, you can add link to PDF online like never before. In this article, we are going to take you through a complete guide on how to add links to PDF online with ease and speed.

How to Add Link to PDF Online

PDFescape is one of the best tools to add a link to PDFs online. This program allows users to insert a link to PDFs or just add a link to navigate to another page within the same document. It is fairly equipped and is worth giving a try especially if you are not handling sensitive information. PDFescape offers a free limited online version and a pro desktop version. With the free online version, you cannot upload a file that exceeds 10 MBs or 100 pages. The following steps illustrate how to add a link to PDF free online using PDFescape.

Step 1. Using your browser, navigate to PDFescape and choose the “Free Online” version.

Step 2. From the options that appear on the web page, hit the “Upload PDF to PDFescape” link. You should see the “Upload File” page.

Step 3. Hit the “Choose File” button and follow the on-screen instruction to upload the target PDF file. you cannot upload a file that exceeds 10 MB or 100 pages.

Step 4. With the PDF file now uploaded, click the “Insert” button then the “Link” button.

Step 5. Now choose the target text on your PDF and the “Link Properties” dialogue box will be displayed. To link text to a web page, just select the “URL” button and provide the URL in the URL field. To link the selected text to another page, simply select the “Page” button and enter the target page. Click “OK” to finally add the link.

Step 6. Now that you have added a link to your PDF file, click the “Save and download” button to save the changes and download your PDF file.

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How to Add Link to PDF on Desktop

PDFelement Pro is a top-rated PDF tool with a multitude of users across the globe. Whether you are handling academic, financial, or just human resource documents, PDFelement has time and again proved unmatchable. The array of incredible features, ease of use, amazing speeds, excellent compatibility, and affordability makes it suitable for all categories of users. With PDFelement, users can annotate, convert, create, print, protect, share, and perform OCR with ease. The following steps highlight how to add a link to PDF on the Desktop.

Step 1. Upload a PDF File

Start by launching PDFelement on your computer to access the main window. Once opened, click the 'Open files' icon and this should open the file explorer window. Look for the PDF file that you want to add a link, select it, and click the 'Open' button to import it to the PDFelement interface.

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Step 2. Click the Edit Button

When the PDF file is successfully uploaded, go to the toolbar and click the 'Edit' tab. The Edit sub-menu should automatically appear below it. Locate and click the 'Link' drop-down icon.

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Step 3. Add a link to PDF

From the Link options, select the 'Go to a page view' then drag the cursor to draw a rectangle over the text you want the link to appear. Upon highlighting this area, the 'Page Link' dialogue box will appear. Select the 'Action' tab and choose a page number that corresponds to the page you want to link. You can manually enter the page number in the respective field or click the back and forward arrows to select the desired number.

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Step 4. Edit Link’s Appearance

To edit your link’s appearance, select the 'Appearance' tab next to the 'Action' tab. You should see several properties to edit. These include highlight style, link type, colour, and line type among others. When you are satisfied with your selections, click the 'OK' button to let the program add the links. The link should appear as you defined in the Appearance section.

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Step 5. Save PDF File

After making all these changes to your PDF file, you need to save them to avoid being discarded when you exit the program. Simply head to the 'File' menu and click the 'Save' button from the drop-down list. Your PDF file along with changes made should be saved.

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