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When working with PDF files, sometimes you are needed to add a photo to the PDF for different reasons. Whether you want to illustrate something through a photo, make your PDF more colorful, or just for any other reason, you need to know how to add photo to PDF effectively. Well, PDF files are not that straightforward, like Word or Excel. Sometimes simple operations might prove daunting and you end up needing a specialized tool and adding a photo to PDF is not an exception. Here, you need an appropriate PDF tool to give you an effective way to add a photo to PDF and customize it. Finding the right tool might also prove tricky especially with a long list of tools on the web. To avert this, we have curated the right tool for you and expounded on how to add photos to PDF with ease and speed.

Method 1: Add Photo to PDF with PDFelement

PDFelement Pro is a powerful PDF solution tool that makes everything about PDF tasks easy and full of fun. This is because PDFelement is equipped with a plethora of amazing features ranging from basic to advanced ones. There are millions of people across the globe who trust PDFelement and is easy to see why. Some of the reasons why PDFelement is the cherry on top include the ease of use, excellent compatibility, plenty of features, affordability, and amazing processing and rendering speed. With PDFelement, you can perform several PDF tasks such as convert, create, edit, annotate, organize, compress, unlock text on images via OCR, print, and protect PDF, among others. You can download the free trial version to check the wonderful features then upgrade to the premium version for unlimited use.

Step 1: Upload a PDF File

Start by launching PDFelement to access the main window. Here, click the “Open File” icon (the first icon on the main interface) and the program will open the file explorer window for you. Now browse the PDF file you want to add a photo then click “Open” to upload it to PDFelement’s window. Alternatively, you can drag the PDF file and drop it on the interface.

add photo to pdf

Step 2. Add Photo to PDF

When the PDF file is successfully loaded, proceed to the toolbar and click the “Edit” tab. you should see several Edit sub-menu just below it. Ignore the other icons and click the “Add Image” icon.

add photo to pdf

Step 3. Select and Add Photo to PDF

Upon clicking the “Add Image” icon, the program will open the file explorer window. Here, locate and select a photo that you want to add to your PDF file then click the “Open” button.

how to add photo to pdf

Step 4. Edit the Photo Properties

The photo should now be uploaded to your PDF file. You can now edit the photo properties as per your need. Just click the image and go to the properties panel on the right window pane. Here, you can rotate, extract, align, and distribute the image among others. When you are satisfied with everything, just hit the “Save” button to effect the changes you have made on the PDF file.

how to add photo to pdf

Method 2: Another Way to Add Photo to PDF

Here is a second way to add a photo in PDF using PDFelement.

Step 1. Click the Edit Icon

Once you have opened PDFelement on your device, proceed to the “Add File” option and follow the onscreen instructions to add the PDF file that you want to add a photo. When the PDF file successfully loads on PDFelement, navigate to the “Edit” tab. From the Edit sub-menu, go to the far-right and drag the “Edit” slider to activate the PDF editing.

how to add photo into pdf

Step 2. Drag the Photo to PDF

Now go to the folder where you saved the photo you want to add to PDF. Drag this photo and drop it onto the desired point on your PDF file now, open on PDFelement.

how to add photo into pdf

Step 3. Select “Add as an Image”

When you drag the photo onto the PDF file, the program will pop-up a small dialog box. Here, you will see two options to upload the image. You can “Add as an image” or “Create as a new pdf file.” Ignore the other option and click “Add as an image.” Now. the image will be placed on your PDF file. You can now edit the image from the properties panel or right-click to access the editing options. When you are done, click the “Save” button to save the changes you have made to your PDF.

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