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When reading through a PDF file, you are forced to highlight areas within the document that stand out that you may want to use later as a reference. It will be easier to identify those sections in a PDF file by highlight areas as you compile your research. To successfully highlight PDF areas, you will need a PDF tool built with area higlight tool. Luckily, there is a robust PDF tool known as PDFelement that offers this functionality. In the next section below, we introduce you to this software and later show you how to highlight areas in a PDF using PDFelement Pro.

How to Highlight Area in PDF using PDFelement

To remove the highlights in a PDF, you need to use a PDF tool like PDFelement that allows you to remove PDF highlights. This PDF editor can also remove any other type of comments and reviews in a PDF file, such as notes, markups, drawings, shapes and annotations. Furthermore, by installing PDFelement, you will be able to edit, annotate, print, OCR, create and convert PDF to any editable format.

Step 1: Open PDFelement to Load a PDF document

Start by launching the installed PDFelement on your computer. When you have opened it, click on “Open Files” and choose the PDF file you want to upload. Click on “Open” to upload the file to PDFelement. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the PDF files to the program.

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Step 2: Choose Area Highlight Tool

The PDF file will appear on the PDFelement. Next, you will need to select the area highlight button. To get this option, go to the main menu and click on the “Comment” icon. After that, choose the “Area Highlight” button and mark the area to be highlighted.

area highlights

Step 3: Set the Area Highlight Properties

Once you have highlighted an area in the PDF file, you can opt to modify area highlight properties. Right-click the highlighted area to choose the “Properties” option. Next, change info and appearance on the right side. Click the “Set as default” button, and then the same properties will be applied when you use area highlight next time.

how do I highlight areas in a pdf

The Best Tool to Do Area Highlights in PDF

PDFelement is ultimately the best PDF tool in the market since it is affordable, cross-platform and houses many PDF functionalities. Besides allowing you to highlight areas in a PDF, this software offers you different features to handle your PDF at work or school. To get the real picture, we have highlighted some of its key features below.

Key features of PDFelement:

  • Opens PDF files and PDF forms for viewing and reading in different modes.
  • Edits the PDF images, objects, texts, links, headers, footers, background and numbering.
  • Create PDF files from blank documents, scanners, editable formats and existing PDF files.
  • It OCRs image-based files to make them editable and searchable.
  • Protects PDFs with passwords, permissions and redacts them.
  • You can share PDF files and save them in local Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox and Wondershare Cloud.

Advantages of Using PDFelement to Do Area Highlight of PDF

By installing PDFelement, you stand to enjoy the following privileges:

  • You can effectively highlight areas within a PDF neatly.
  • PDFelement allows you to remove highlighted areas
  • You can highlight areas using a preferred color
  • It’s compatible with Mac and Windows OS.

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