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Linking a PDF file with Hyperlinks enhances the usability and performance of the document. This applies to all groups of people, whether they belong to businesses, organizations, institutes or individuals. If you want to create hyperlinks in PDF files, then read the article; this will help you well in understanding the process of how to create links in PDF.

Part 1. Create Hyperlink in PDF using PDFelement Pro

Now, you drown in searching for the perfect software for your immense use. Wouldn't it be great if you choose the most convenient application for all types of PDF usage? Yes of course! We are all proud to introduce the highly enriched and established software all around the technology world to create hyperlinks in PDF – PDFelement Pro. Just deep down the specification of each term in PDFelement Pro, you know it's true to accomplish the application to save PDF with links. You can add electronic signature and encryption to protect your PDF document. Above all, this application is available for both Mac and Windows users exclusively.

How to Create Links in PDF

Step 1. Start the Program

To begin with: start the program by downloading and installing the software on your computer. Download the software from the authorized website. Most of all, installation doesn't take much time to complete the process.

Step 2. Open a PDF

Now, you will get the main wizard with many options. Below, you can find the option such as 'Open.' Click on it and import the PDF document directly from the local disk.

open pdf

Step 3. Create Links in PDF

After importing the PDF file, select the option 'Link' from the menu present at the top. Choose the option 'Add Links To PDF File - Open a web page' and select the PDF file to which you want to add links. Then input the link and you can create a hyperlink in PDF.

add links into pdf

Note: link table of contents to pages in PDF:
Go to 'Link' Choose the option 'Add Links To PDF File - Go to a page view,' then click the PDF file you want to add links, choose the page you want to go to, click 'Save.'

Step 4. Save PDF with Links

After entering the web link, you can save PDF with links. Like everything else, it is very accurate and easy to use.

Why Choose PDFelement Pro to Create Hyperlink in PDF

Before we go any further, the description of why PDFelement Pro is important to know. A good PDF editor must establish its credential in all sectors instead of showing partial differences between them. To present a document with the perfect originality and extension, for every single bit of PDF-related task, one of the best options is PDFelement with it, you can also create hyperlinks in PDF with ease. The hyperlinks can also be linked to any table or diagram beside any page, document, or web page using this perfect tool. We are here to give valid reasons to choose PDFelement Pro. Below, we have listed out few features in PDFelement Pro :

The Key Features of PDFelement Pro

  • You can add hyperlinks, watermarks, and backgrounds.
  • You can edit the PDF with the text, links, graphics, and images.
  • Create the PDF file from the old or new document.
  • Using the batch process, you can combine or split the document.
  • Easy to annotate and markup the text.
  • You can convert the PDF document to Word, ePUB, HTML, and excel.
  • You can do vice versa, such as converting the word, HTML, ePUB and excel to PDF easily.

Part 2. How to Create Hyperlink in PDF with InDesign

InDesign software is manipulated from the desktop publishing application. The main proprietor of InDesign is Adobe. With the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, the conjunction of publishing content will be accessed on tablet kind of devices. The insight feature of InDesign Middle version is importing and exporting, rendering the script, text flow in a bi-directional way, Indices, reverse layout and text settings. The supporters have formed a hierarchical group around 36 countries yet. In this section, we will learn how to create links in PDF files. Let us start the process in detail to learn how to create a link in PDF:

Step 1. Download and install the InDesign application software from the Adobe website.

Step 2. Open the PDF document and choose the option 'Window.' Select 'interactive' and choose 'Hyperlinks.' You will get the panel of the hyperlink as well as add or remove the hyperlink easily.

create link in pdf with indesign

Step 3. Select the word to which you want the link. Again the hyperlink panels get opens and enter the URL. But you have to enter the full link to the web page.

indesign pdf links

Step 4. Once if you enter the link, you can add highlight, font style, and color the word. Finally, click 'OK.'

create hyperlink in pdf

Common Issues on Creating Hyperlink in PDF

  • While adding the hyperlink, the horizontal scroll doesn't work with the trackpad.
  • The customized tool is very low to create weblink in PDF when compared with the organizing page.
  • Sometimes, the hyperlink style might apply but it fails to direct the website.
  • You have to follow the link by clicking the Ctrl every time.
  • The code may inflict in some cases instead to read the field result.

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