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It is quite possible to edit PDF in Illustrator on Mac. These tools are able to pick up the PDF file as an image and then allows you to edit it. However, the method is full of challenges which you shall look at later on in the article. The process of editing a PDF using Illustrator, or any other image processor, for that matter is a tedious one. There are other tools that you can use to edit PDF files, and you will have a glimpse at one of the best in this article. When you want to edit a PDF file in Illustrator, you should be prepared to do the work almost all over again. So you can try to use PDFelement Pro.

Part 1. The Best Illustrator for Mac Alternative

PDFelement Pro is a fantastic PDF editor and the best Illustrator for Mac alternative which comes with very powerful features, making editing a PDF quite easy. You do not have to worry about challenges when it comes to using this tool. You will simply import the PDF file, edit the elements and then save it as a new document.

How to Edit PDF in Illustrator for Mac Alternative

Step 1. Import the PDF file

Using the "Open File" feature, import the PDF file into PDFelement Pro. You may also dag the PDF file into the program and it will be loaded and displayed.

import scanned pdf image

Step 2. Edit PDF Texts

Go to the "Edit" panel and you will find a text tool, simply place it within the text and then edit as you see fit.

edit pdf texts

Step 3. Edit PDF Images

Open the "Edit" panel and choose the image select tool. click on the image that you want to edit and then you can delete, move or replace it.

edit pdf images

Step 4. Edit PDF Links

Click on "Edit" button and then choose the "Link" option. Place the cursor on the link that you want to edit. Right-click it and then choose ‘Edit Link" you will get a window where you can edit its particulars.

edit pdf links

Step 5. Edit PDF Pages

In order to edit pages, you must go to the "Pages" Panel from the top menu. Here you will be able to move, rotate, split, cut, and delete any pages that you want.

edit pdf pages

Why Choose PDFelement Pro to Edit PDF Files

Editing a PDF in PDFelement Pro is quite a breeze. The tools strips down the page to its basic elements. This enables you to edit text, images, links and a lot more. This tool will edit the PDF without changing the overall look of the document. If you just needed an image changed and a link edited, then you will do so, and those are the only changes you will note when you save the document back again. Unlike using tools like Illustrator, PDFelement Pro offers a low learning curve thanks to the great user interface. You will be editing PDF files like a pro within no time.

Some of key features of PDFelement Pro are as follows:

  • You can now create and convert PDF from any other type of file. This is the power of PDFelement Pro
  • You no longer have to rely on PDF form templates. Create you won right from scratch.
  • The layout make the tool very easy to use. Everything is conveniently placed for easy operation.
  • Now you can import your scanned PDF images, pick text through OCR and then edit it and save it.
  • Now you can mark your PDF files with a digital signature for copyright protection.

Part 2. How to Edit PDF in Illustrator on Mac

Adobe Illustrator has been used to create stunning images for quite a long time. Together with Photoshop, they are the oldest image editing tools available today. They belong to the same origins as CorelDraw. Given that this is an image editing tool, it will have certain challenges when editing a PDF file. One can try it out, but the results will not be what you expect. This will be more evident in the quality of the text when you are finally through.

Step-by-step instruction on how to edit PDF using Adobe Illustrator on Mac

Step 1. Launch and import your PDF

Start Adobe Illustrator and then go to "File" and the "Import". Navigate to your PDF file and then select it. Once it is in the program, go to the "Advanced Tools Palette" and then select the text tool or the Touchup Object tool.

Step 2. Edit PDF in Illustrator on Mac

Now double click on the PDF file and you will get the "Edit Page" option as a popup window. Although you clicked on the PDF file, you should make sure that there is nothing in the PDF file that is selected, both text and images. This will turn the document into blocks

Step 3. Edit the blocks

Now each block can be edited on its own. This is because Illustrator will treat each block like an image in a layer. The text can also be selected and replaced with new text or deleted altogether. All the images can also be altered since this is an image manipulation program.


The Limitations of using Adobe Illustrator to edit PDF

  • Since the PF file will be made of several pages each page will be treated as a separate layer. This means that it will take a long time to find the desired page, especially if it is towards the middle or end of the document.
  • The Adobe Illustrator interface is very complex. If you have no prior experience with the program, you will be hopelessly lose.
  • You will not be able to do any OCR process on the text that is in the file. This means that you cannot edit the text if the file was a scan.
  • Adobe Illustrator will not mount any PDF file that has certain restrictions unless they are all removed.

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