Easy Steps on How to Edit a Scanned Document in Word


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Sometimes you must have been through a phase where you wanted to save a scanned document with crucial or personal information to your Word program. Well, it becomes always tiring and time-consuming to re-type to out every word written in the scanned pdf document. Especially when the file is many pages long. Now we have a quality time-saving solution for this genuine problem. You can easily edit a scanned document in word and save it on your computer in minutes. How easy will be to convert each scanned file into a word document and use the text any way you like. This article will be helpful for you on how to convert a scanned pdf document into an editable Word document on your system.

Part 1. How to Edit a Scanned Document in Word

Once you have scanned a document and the document is ready to open in word. To start with you have to scan the document using your scanner or download an already scanned document. In case of scanning the document remember to follow the instruction of your scanner, and save it to your computer as a .pdf file.

Step 1. Open scanned file in Word

Select the 'File' option from the toolbar and click on 'Open' to open the PDF document on your system. Then a message appears that Word will convert the PDF file into an editable Word document. Click 'OK' and the PDF file will open in Word.

Step 2. Edit scanned file in Word

Now in few seconds, the document will be converted into a word file to be edited. The converted document may not have a perfect page to page layout with the original. In some cases, the lines and pages may break at different locations. You can edit the scanned PDF file in Word.

edit scanned documents

Part 2. How to Edit a Scanned Document with PDFelement Pro

PDFelement Pro is one of the best alternatives to Adobe Acrobat in the market. With PDFelement Pro, you can edit a scanned PDF document like Word. It is multi-purpose software which can be used to execute various functions like create blank PDF documents, add digital signatures to PDF files, convert PDF to editable office formats, type on PDF files, or making multiple different types of annotations.

Key features of this PDF editor:

  • Edit PDFs like a Word document and can be used from anywhere.
  • Add annotations and notes to documents wherever required in the file.
  • With PDFelement Pro you can easily extract or convert data as per requirement.

Steps for Editing a Scanned Document in PDFelement Pro

Step 1. Import scanned document in PDFelement Pro

Select the option 'Home' > 'From Scanner' from the toolbar. Open the scanned document you desire to edit. Once the file is loaded follow the next step.

how to edit a scanned document in word

Step 2. Enable the OCR (Optical character recognition) function

After the scanned file opens in PDFelement Pro check the pop up reminding you to 'Perform OCR' on the file. The manual process is to go to the toolbar and in the 'Convert' option click on the 'OCR' button to act. This action converts all the text available in your scanned document into an editable text.

how to edit a scanned document

Step 3. Edit the scanned file

Select the 'Edit' option and choose the 'Edit text and image object' icon. By double-clicking on the text field in PDF, you can edit the text font style, text font size, font color and more.

edit scanned pdf

Step 4. Convert the scanned file to Word document

In the last step, click on the 'Convert' tab and once that is done, click on the 'To Word' button. Now the file is converting and is ready to be saved. Use the 'Save as type' option, you can convert the file into word formats.

how to edit scanned pdf

An edited document from the scanned format is always handy for collecting the data in a proper format. As scanned document takes to copy words manually. Now the editable document can be easily edited and managed. These quick 4 steps can be used to convert a scanned document into word file using PDFelement Pro.


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