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How to find text in PDF? Is it difficult? Not at all folks! There are no hard steps involved to find text in PDF. This is a common search in all kinds of documents not only in PDF. Just imagine, you want to modify a word or sentence in a 1500 word document. Do you have enough time to read each and every line in the document? In that case you may need a tool to do the task easily. So, to find text in scanned PDF and to make the search process easy, the following article is the right place to understand everything. Let us go through the steps to find text in a PDF with PDFelement Pro.

Part 1. The Best PDF Editor to Find and Replace Text

There are many tools to find and replace text in PDF. But those tools are designed for only finding the text. Do you think the tools which perform only the search of text is enough? We can't search for a separate tool for each and every function isn't it? Luckily, we have an all-in-one tool known as PDFelement Pro. With the help of this PDF editor, you can easily find text in PDF files easily and then replace text with ease. Except for this, you can also create, convert, merge, split and extract the PDF document. You can also choose to convert the PDF to word, excel and PowerPoint likewise, and do vice-versa too.

How to Find Text in PDF

PDFelement Pro is the best PDF editor to find and replace text in PDF files. Follow the below mentioned steps to learn how to find and replace text in PDF file. It is a simple process and consists of few simple steps.

Step 1. Start the Program

To start the program, you have to download the PDFelement Pro from the main website. After the download completes, install the software to the personal computer. It is available for both Mac and Windows users. Installation takes only few seconds.

start up

Step 2. Import a PDF File

Once the download and installation have completed then import the PDF file into the software. In the main interface, you can see the option "Open file". Just click it and you will get the local disk window from the personal computer. Select the PDF document and open it.

open pdf files

Step 3. Find Text in PDF

This is the main section in the article. Here, you can find and replace text in PDF file with ease. Just enter the shortcut key "Command+F". That's it! You will get the window to enter the text. Once if you entered, you can easily find the text you needed with ease.

find texts in pdf

Step 4. Find Text in Scanned PDF

PDFelement Pro also enables you to find text in scanned PDF files with ease. To do so, you can OCR the scanned PDF file at first and then edit the scanned PDF documents easily.

OCR scanned PDF: After you've imported the scanned PDF into the program, you can see the main menu "Edit" under that there is an option "OCR". Here, you can select the range of the page and language of OCR. Select the option "Perform OCR".

ocr scanned pdf

Find Text in Scanned PDF: Again, if you want to find the text in scanned PDF then search "Command+F". You will get the text immediately by highlighting the words which you were searching.

Step 5. Find and Replace Text in PDF

In this step, you have an option to replace the text. Firstly, you have find text in a PDF and now you can replace it with other words. Use "Command+F" to search the word and you will get the display. There, you have an option "Replace with". Enter the new word to replace with the old word. After you've entered the texts, you can click on the "Replace" button to find and replace text in PDF file with ease.

replace texts in pdf

Why Choose PDFelement Pro to Find and Replace Text in PDF File

Well, you may think why you should opt for only PDFelement Pro? To answer that, I would say, first of all, it acts as one of the best PDF editor software and is ranked first in market score. It is available for both Mac and Windows users. Many users have given a positive review with respective proof. There is no comparative tool available in market for PDFelement Pro. You can create, compile, merge, convert, split, extract and compress your PDF. You have free PDF templates to create the PDF forms with exact manner. With ease, you can create the PDF document and fill them easily. As well, OCR feature is specially designed to scan your PDF documents. Here, we have listed out some featured points:

Main Features of PDFelement Pro

  • You can edit the images and adding or deleting the links. The advanced feature such as cropping the images, extracting and rotatable functions are available.
  • You can modify the background of images as per your requirement.
  • You can create the password and signature to authorize it is your PDF document.
  • You can stamp the PDF file with watermarking features.
  • You can convert the PDF into Word, PowerPoint, Excel and HTML etc.
start up

Part 2. How to Find Text in PDF with Preview

Preview is the default inbuilt app for Mac device users with the capability to search about any kind of data even if its a small or large text, any line or word phrases. It works well with large text or heavy PDF document thus, making searching process quite easy to perform. You can also locate the PDF files on your Mac system with this Preview application.
Now to cross-check your document, find text in PDF files or for replacing them accordingly just preview it. We are here to teach how to find text in PDF file with preview. It is easy and has only few steps:

Step 1. Open the PDF document in the folder and you will get the list of pages at the left side. Just double click it. It will open it preview aspect.


Step 2. Once if the file is opened in preview, then click "Edit" option. Select the "Find" and enter the text.

find pdf text in preview

Step 3. You will be highlighted with the word which you have entered.

preview find text in pdf

Hopefully, you would find text in PDF files easily. We have assured the process and method mentioned above are absolutely efficient.


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