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Adobe PDF Mark up tool is a well known tool when it comes to PDF mark up. This tool enables you to add marks, comments directly on a PDF page. Additionally, you can crop contents from a PDF document and mark sensitive data for redaction using this Adobe PDF Mark up tool. However, despite having these great capabilities, Adobe PDF Mark up Tool has some major setbacks. You may find this PDF Mark up Tool taking time to mark up some documents, as it can require you to keep zooming in and out to review the mark-up. Other users may have difficulty in reviewing their PDF documents on their web browsers, and sometimes this tool may not function well where there are software compatibility issues. How then can we solve these problems of Adobe PDF Mark up Tool not working?

Part 1. The Best Alternative to Adobe PDF Markup Tool

PDFelement Pro is the best Adobe PDF Mark up Tool alternative for PDF mark up on Mac. This software works wonders when it comes to editing PDF files. With this tool, you can easily mark up PDF on Mac. Additionally, you can crop, insert comments, highlight texts, add watermarks, rotate images and even change background images on your PDF document. If you love adding sticky notes to your texts, PDFelement Pro has this feature too. With this alternative to Adobe PDF Mark up Tool, you can even link or split blocks of text on your PDF document. It is the best for annotating PDF documents at basic and advanced levels.

Features of This Adobe PDF Mark up Tool Alternative

  • Allows you to modify, delete and insert text in a PDF.
  • Can Convert PDF files to Microsoft Office and other editable formats.
  • Has mark up tools that allow users to draw shapes and lines.
  • Allows users to highlight and add comment boxes in a PDF document.
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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use PDFelement Pro for Mac to Markup PDF Files

Below, we highlight detailed steps on how you can mark up PDF files with PDFelement Pro for Mac. If you have a Mac computer, the first thing you will be required to do is to download PDFelement Pro.

Step 1. Import PDF

After that, install the application, then open it. To import the PDF file that you need to mark up, click “Open File” and upload it in the application.

import pdf

Step 2. Markup PDF with Markup Tools

Once the PDF document is uploaded onto the work area, click on the “Comment" tab. This tab will display several mark up tools such as Line, Arrow, Cloud and much more. You will also see a pencil. Click on it and move the mouse to start drawing. If you need to add comments, you will see a pop up comment box where you can easily add your comment.

add free hand shape to pdf

Alternatively, you can navigate to the “More” option under the "Comment" tab in order to add a sticky note. Click on the “Sticky Note” button, then move the cursor to the section of the PDF that you want to add the note. Immediately you will see a pop-up comment box, and you can jot your comments in the box.

add sticky note to pdf

You can highlight your text by clicking on the “Highlight” button. Then select sections of your PDF that you need to highlight. Move your cursor over them and that is it! Finally, once you are done with the mark-up, save your changes.

highlight pdf

Part 2. Fixed the Problem of Adobe PDF Markup Not Working

By using PDFelement Pro to mark up your PDF files, you will have fixed the problem of Adobe PDF Mark up Tool not working. Let see some of the solutions you may use to troubleshoot your Adobe PDF Markup Tool when it is not working.

Five Common Issues When Using Adobe PDF Markup Tool:

Problem 1: You may be unable to access the properties' toolbar. The Adobe PDF Markup Tool might display 'no current selection" remarks each time you try to access this toolbar. This is especially if you are working on more than two files.

Solution: Immediately you notice such trends, immediately save the changes and close the PDF files. Open the targeted file and work on it. Adobe PDF Markup Tool properties toolbar works on one PDF file at a time.

Problem 2: You may find difficulty accessing arrows, draw lines using drawing mark-ups.

Solution: Check your PDF settings and ensure that the "Touch Mode" section is off. Navigate to the General category and click on “Never” on the Touch Mode settings.

Problem 3: Failure to annotate multiple PDF files at a go.

Solution: Adobe PDF Markup Tool can be somehow complicated to use, especially while dealing with multiple files. If the above happens, close and save all PDF files and annotate one at a time. You may need to zoom in and out to review your work and ensure all the annotations are correctly done.

Problem 4: Difficulty in making traditional proofreader’s marks with a mouse.

Solution: This is a common problem when using Adobe PDF Markup Tool. If this is the case, use stamps, stylus and text annotation-tools. A stylus will help you make marks naturally, while a stamp will come with ready made marks that you can put on your document.

Problem 5: The cursor may freeze, or the system may completely stall unexpectedly.

Solution: If this happens, there is high likelihood that the application may have crashed. Try and reinstall the application and ensure the installation is successful. It is advisable that you run Adobe PDF Markup Tool with no other applications running. This will help reduce such unexpected freezes.


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