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Drawboard PDF is a nice tool for creating and amending PDF files. You can use it to add bookmarks, notes and even images to PDF files. It feels very smooth and has intuitive gestures that make it very easy to use. Marking up your local PDF will be totally easy when you have this application. Although it easy to use, you can still encounter some questions such as: Drawboard PDF cannot markup PDF. This article will show you how to markup PDF with the best Drawboard PDF alternative - PDFelement Pro.

Part 1. The Best Drawboard PDF Alternative to Markup PDF

PDFelement Pro for Mac - The Best Way to Markup PDF

While Drawboard can help you a lot of when you want to create and amend PDF files, it has its limitations. The best software program that you should consider if you want to markup PDF without any limitations or problems is PDFelement Pro. It features powerful editing and annotating features that are applicable to all kinds of PDF files. It also makes creating and converting of PDF files to other formats very easy. If you have scanned PDF files that you want to edit or convert to other popular formats, rest assured that you will have an easy time dealing with them when you have this application. It supports multiple OCR languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, just to mention a few. It is also an ultimate PDF form creator and filler that allows you to fill out both interactive and non interactive forms without any difficulties. Another thing worth mentioning about this application is its ability to increase the security of your PDF very easily.

Key Features of This Drawboard PDF Alternative

  • It features a vast of editing tools that you can use to edit texts in your PDF, align and distribute text fields, add, extract, crop, delete and replace images on PDF files, organize and re-arrange PDF pages and so on.
  • With PDFelement Pro, you can create PDF files from web pages, existing PDF files, EPUB, images and any form of texts very easily. It also allows you to convert PDF files to various output formats.
  • This application enables you to increase the security of your PDF files by adding password and permission, digitally signing the PDF files, placing customs stamps to the files and redacting PDF.
  • This PDF editor comes with optical character recognition technology that enables you to copy, edit and search scanned PDF documents very easily.
  • start It provides you with markup and annotation tools that you can use to markup your PDF files easily and allow the recipient to know your thoughts.
launch the PDF editor 6 professional

How To Use PDFelement Pro To Markup PDF files

Before using this application to markup PDF files, you need to download from the iSkysoft website, install it on your Mac and then launch it. After doing that, you can proceed as follows.

Step 1: Import PDF to PDFelement Pro

You can use the following two ways to import your PDF file to this application.

After the application has launched, click on "Open File" and locate the PDF file from your computer's drive. After locating the file, click "Open" to upload it.

open pdf files with drawboard pdf alternative

Click on a blank area on the application and then drag and drop the PDF files directly to the program.

Step 2: Use Markup Tools to Markup the PDF File

To markup the PDF file that you have uploaded to PDFelement Pro, you will need to click on "Comment" button and then click on the pencil-like tool that you will find on the formatting tool bar. After that, you will need to locate the text you want and then click on it to freely draw objects. If you make a mistake, simply correct it using the eraser that is located close to the pencil tool.

markup pdf files with alternative to drawboard

Part 2. Why Drawboard PDF Cannot Markup PDF?

When using Drawboard PDF to markup PDF files, you can encounter the following issues.

1. Cannot View Annotations On Your Computer/iPad

You will get this problem if you are not saving the PDF files the right way after marking them up. To resolve it, simply go to Print, click on PDF and then choose "Save as PDF".

2. "File is corrupt or unsupported"

You may get this error when you are using an older version of Drawboard PDF. The solution will be to update it or install the most recent version of Drawboard PDF.

3. Drawboard PDF 0x005 error

If you just installed Surface 3, you may get this error. This is because Surface 3 deletes Drawboard PDF during upgrading of Windows. You will need to open Microsoft Store, locate Drawboard in the list of downloads, and then click on it to start downloading. The new version that will be installed on your computer should work.


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