Evernote Markup PDF Not Working? Solved!


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The PDF markup tool in Evernote is easier to access and is present on the left and right side of the sliding icons present on the application. When you click on them, the menus, with the entailing icons would expand or contract. These menu items come with various tools like Arrow, Line and Shape, Text and Pen/Highlight tools. You are free to use them based on your personal discretion and requirements. Though, there are some cons to using Evernote.

Part 1. Use PDFelement Pro When Evernote Markup PDF not Working

How to use PDFelement Pro for Mac to markup PDF files

Well, as have been mentioned above, the process is quite easy, and is as simple as the ABC! The ensuing steps would help make the process easier for you. When compared to Evernote PDF markup tool, the process is far easier, interactive as well as allows you many choices. Also, all the steps, as given below are easy to follow, as you would find out for yourself!

Step 1: Open PDF Files

The first step involves importing the requisite PDF into the editor. All you have to do is click on the "Home" menu present on the left-hand side, and at the bottom you would see an "open file" option. Upon choosing the said option, you could import the file that you want into the editor.

import PDF

Step 2: Markup PDFs with Evernote Alternative

After that, you have to go to the "Comment" tab, wherein you are free to choose the many tools at the iSkysoft PDF editor's disposal. From here on its quite easy to follow the prompts, depending upon the option that you have chosen.

comment pdf

Video on How to Markup PDF with PDFelement Pro

PDFelement Pro for Mac - The Best Evernote Alternative to Annotate PDF

We recommend using PDFelement Pro over Evernote. Why? Well, firstly it provides easier and faster access to its tools, with everything present at the top, and open to usage. Secondly, you are free to try their two different iterations before you plan on purchasing them; this ensures accountability on the part of the company, as they are open to prospective buyers checking out their product.

Some key features of this PDF Annotator include:

  • It facilitates the whole markup process, thanks to its easy to access icons present in the toolbar.
  • It lets you edit PDF documents either one at a time or as a bunch, based on your requirements.
  • All your conversion related needs could be easily performed by the program itself, and you don't have to resort to external remedies.
  • Also, you could incorporate various inbuilt security measures like password protection, watermark etc. to secure your document.
  • You are also allowed to arrange your PDF based on your personal discretion, this would ensure that all the requisite documents are huddled together at the same place, and you don't end up losing something of significance!
launch the PDF editor 6 professional

Part 2. Fixed the Problem of Evernote Markup PDF Not Working

As have been mentioned there are some problems with Evernote PDF markup tool; five of them have been mentioned below, with answers following them.

1. PDF annotations not saving

The problem may lie in you using an external editor then trying to transfer it to Evernote. Some editors don't support the transfer of annotations into a different editor. To ensure that this doesn't happen, make sure that your editor does support the transfer of your markups from one platform to the next.

2. Images won't annotate in Evernote

The main reason could be a bug in the software. A quick fix involves transferring the image to Evernote, then opening another tab, which results in the saving of the previous note window. Now, you would be free to mark up the image.

3. Can't annotate a previously Marked up PDF in Evernote

Well, it's actually an easy fix; all you have to do is right-click on the PDF and click annotate. This is bound to solve any such issues. This could be attributed to some updates breaking the system.

4. Can't markup Evernote original documents on other editors

Well, this is a known bug with the application. Developers of the application recommend using Evernote to continue the markup of the document, till a fix is found for this bug.

5. Annotation option suddenly stopped working

This is another problem attributed to a bug in the system, with the developers being vehemently stating that it would be fixed quickly. Their service is known to be quite laggard if recent memory is any indication.


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