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It is much easier and faster to read a highlight text PDF document, no matter how long it may be. When you highlight text in PDF, the most interesting and important parts of the document are emphasized and easily draw the attention of the reader.
This makes it easier for the readers to skim through a very long PDF document without getting tired or bored, and it can also help you easily pass your point across when presenting a PDF report.
With PDF being the most used file format for creating and sharing documents, highlighted text in your PDF also makes it easier for you to remember and find important information in that e-book, report or novel you may be reading. PDFelement Pro will help you.

Method 1: Highlight Text in PDF with PDFelement Pro for Mac

If you are a Mac PC user looking for the best and latest macOS software to highlight text in your professional PDF documents, the PDFelement Pro for Mac is undoubtedly the perfect pick for you.
The PDFelement Pro comes with a great suite of PDF markup and annotation features, which makes it interesting to use and easier to highlight text in your PDF documents.

How to Highlight Text in PDF with PDFelement Pro

Step 1. Importing PDF

Once you have successfully installed and opened PDFelement Pro on your Mac, the next thing is to add your professional highlight text PDF. And you can do this in a few clicks using these steps. Click File on the main menu, then click open. Or you will be directed to files on your computer, click to choose the PDF document you want to work with, then click open. The PDF is imported to PDFelement, and you can start highlighting your text and use other editing options. You can also import your PDF by clicking the blank area of the user interface, then dragging and dropping your PDF in the blank area, and it will be uploaded.

import the file to the program

Step 2. Highlight PDF Text with Markup Tools

Now that you know how quick and easy it is to import your highlight text PDF to PDFelement Pro for Mac, let us see how to highlight text in PDF using its Markup tools. Click the "Comment" option on the formatting toolbar. Click the arrow button at the extreme left-hand side of the formatting toolbar. Using the arrow, click and select text in the highlight text PDF. Choose "Highlight" from the highlight, underline and strikethrough options. Alternatively, after clicking the Markup option, you can click highlight on the right-hand side of the formatting toolbar, then click on the section of the PDF to be highlighted.

highlight the PDF

Highlight using line annotations. You can also highlight your PDF text in PDFelement Pro with annotations. Click on the Comment option on the toolbar. From the menu, select the tool to use to draw shapes. Click on the word or text in your PDF to highlight it by drawing a shape around it.

underline the PDF

Highlight using the free-hand drawing tool. Click on the Markup option. From the formatting toolbar chooses the Pencil tool to begin drawing. Double-click on the text to be highlighted to begin drawing. Should you mess up with drawing, use the Eraser tool to erase and draw again. You can also add a link to your document using the Link tool option.

add free hand drawing to PDF

Adding comment, sticky note and text box. Click on the Markup button. From the toolbar, choose the text box, comment or sticky note option. Double click on the section of the PDF to highlight and add the selected option.

add comment to PDF

PDFelement Pro for Mac helps you gain control of working with your PDF reports, e-books, journals or presentations, and the great features it comes with giving it an edge as the best and most friendly software work with to highlight text in PDF. Preview, Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader and PDF Online Reader are other great softwares you can use to highlight text in PDF. So, how do they work?

Why Choose PDFelement Pro for Mac to Highlight Text in PDF

So, why is PDFelement Pro the perfect and most preferred software for Mac Users? The PDF Editor overcomes all the limitations with highlighting text in PDF documents, along with editing, creating, converting and saving PDF files. This is all thanks to its great features that include:

  • Very simple and user-friendly interface that makes highlighting your PDF text and accessing other functions quicker and easy.
  • Great and easy-to-use Markup annotation features that let you add comments, sticky notes or text boxes to your highlighted text.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to help you accurately scan and convert documents into an editable format, giving quicker access to your PDF documents.
  • You can change the background of your PDF, as well as add or remove a watermark in PDFelement Pro.
  • A lot of color options to highlight your text in or vary your sticky notes make working with PDFelement Pro fun and easy.
launch the PDF editor 6 professional

Method 2: How to Highlight Text in PDF with Preview

Click File on the Preview menu and add a PDF file from your computer's hard drive, or double-click the file icon in Preview. Then click the Highlight button from the toolbar, or click the Annotate option in the formatting toolbar, then select Highlight from the menu options. Select and highlight text in PDF. You can change the highlight color by clicking on the down arrow on the right of the highlight option from the toolbar.

preview annotator

Method 3: How to Highlight Text in PDF with Adobe Reader

Click Open from the File menu, and select and open the highlight text PDF document from your computer. And then click the Highlight button on the Adobe Reader toolbar. You can also click on Comment, then choose Highlight Text in the drop-down menu. Hold and move the left mouse over the word or text to be highlighted. The selected text is highlighted in yellow, and the color can be changed by clicking on Comment, then Highlight Text, then Tool Default Properties, and setting the preferred highlight color.

adobe reader

Method 4: How to Highlight Text in PDF with Foxit Reader

Click Open on the File menu and add a PDF document from your computer. From the Comment menu, select the Highlight option. Move the left mouse button over the text to be highlighted, then release the button to select text to be highlighted.

foxit reader

Method 5: How to highlight text in PDF with PDF Online Reader for Free

When working online with your PDF documents, you can still highlight important text and information in your document for free using PDF Online Reader;

  • 1. Open the PDF Online Reader web page at PDFonlinereader.com
  • 2. Click on the Upload A PDF button to upload your PDF document into PDF Online Reader.
  • 3. PDF Online Reader opens your document.
  • 4. Hold your left mouse button and move it to select the section of the text to be highlighted.
  • 5. A pencil Highlighter tool appears at the left-hand corner of the screen, together with the Link tool.
  • 6. Click the Highlighter tool to highlight selected text.
pdf online reader

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