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How to make a PDF a link?
Many people do not know the answer because it is difficult to execute the process. Users send emails with PDF attached but they do not think to turn PDF into links. However, if users know this technique, it opens up a lot of options for them. For example, Office workers can make a PDF a link provided they have the right software tools. That will gain an edge over their colleagues, but only if they know how to make a link to a PDF. To convert a PDF into a link is a simple process provided the right tools are used. Here, you are going to discover how to make a PDF into a URL link with the best PDF editing tool.

Part 1. How to Make a PDF a Link

PDFelement Pro is an excellent software suite because users can create, edit and alter PDF pages. This PDF editor is designed for professional workers who have trouble with the Portable Document Format. There are two different versions of the software: One for personal use, and another for businesses. The business version of the software guarantees to improve company performance. Several prominent firms like Nike, Colliers, and Swiss reuse the software. The steps below will show you how to make a PDF a link.

How to Make a PDF File into a Web Link

Step 1. Start the Program

Download PDFelement for Mac from the official website. Launch the program after installation is complete. You will get the homepage below.

start the program

Step 2. Import the PDF File

Users can import the PDF file by clicking on the "Open File" box on the bottom-left hand corner of the screen.

open pdf file

Step 3. Make a Link to a PDF

To make a Link to a PDF, you can easily open the "Edit" menu. Under the menu, you can click on the "Link" button and choose the "Actions" option. From the drop-down list, click on the "Go to a page view" to make a link to a PDF with ease.

make a link to a pdf

Why Choose PDFelement to Make a Link to a PDF

Whatever be your concern regarding PDF and related task the one and only reliable solution is PDFelement Pro that lets you do anything with PDF whether that is to Convert PDF to HTML, add and edit images in a PDF page, edit text in PDF all that is possible with iSkysoft. With it, you can make any changes with iSkysoft. iSkysoft also gives you the option to fill out forms or can complete an application form with iSkysoft. Therefore, if users are wondering how to make a PDF a clickable link, then iSkysoft is your answer. iSkysoft is perfectly suited for an office worker because users can make significant changes to PDF documents. Many users praised the software suite. Professionals like software engineers claim the software makes work more efficient.

Key Features of PDFelement

  • Add watermarks and passwords to PDF pages.
  • Create and edit images in a PDF document.
  • Organize PDF pages through bates and numbering.
  • Add and edit links in a PDF page.
  • Edit scanned PDF documents using OCR technology.
PDFelement for mac

Part 2. Tips on How to Make a PDF to a Link

There are two situations where office workers need to convert PDF documents into links:

1. Add extra information to reports:Extra information is useful but it's not advisable to provide too much information. Converting PDF to a link allows the office worker to add the information but also gives the reader the choice to read it.

2. Easier to send documents:Office workers can send links as opposed to documents in an email. Sending links is more convenient compared to sending documents because links do need to be 'attached' to an email.

How to Make a PDF a Clickable Link While Avoiding Common Problems

There are occasions when converting PDF into a link can fail. Hence, to avoid any serious problems, it is important to know how to make a PDF file into a web link while troubleshooting problems if the conversion process does not go as planned. Here are some common issues to address:

1. Conversion Failure:If conversion failed it means that the page is too complex. Identify the complex pages, and remove them. Try to turn the PDF into a link and see if it succeeds. If the conversion succeeds you need to redesign the other pages to simplify them.

2. Links Don't Work:There could be several reasons why the link does not work:

  • The link is not prefixed with www or HTTP(s)://
  • Check if the link text is separated by characters not part of the original link.

3. Formatting Issues:There can be problems with formatting depending on the quality of the PDF converter. If wrong options are inserted into the document, objects will be misplaced or moved around. To resolve these formatting issues, simply modify options.

4. Formatting Issues:Sometimes a conversion does not go smoothly. Some features and content might go missing. Users have to adjust settings in the converter to preserve more files from the original format of the document.


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