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PDF document is designed and made in such a way that can't be edited or tampered with by any means. But sometimes, we may need to edit it or search keywords in PDF. In that case, we face a lot of difficulties in finding out the proper word we need. Sometimes it may be very frustrating or even time taking. Moreover, search multiple PDFs for a specific keyword is a real pain if the document contains a lot of text. Here, you need a strong PDF keyword search tool that can simplify your life by offering easy to use interface and powerful search option.

The Best PDF Keyword Search Tool to Search Keywords in PDF

PDFelement Pro works continuously in favor of the users and has introduced possibly the most powerful and versatile PDF editor tool. If you want to search for the perfect tool to search keywords in PDF, then this PDFelement is the best suited for you. This is assured; you will enjoy working on this software just like using any text editor like MS Word or Wordpad. Thus, search multiple PDFs for keywords will not be an issue anymore.

How to Find Keywords in PDF

Now, let us go through the step-by-step instruction on how you can make your life simple using PDFelement to search for keywords on PDF.

Step 1. Launch PDFelement

Download the PDFelement tool and install it on your system. Now open the software and you should see the below window.

launch PDFelement

Step 2. Open PDF Files

Download the PDFelement tool and install it on your system. Now open the software and you should see the below window.

open pdf file

Step 3. Search Keywords in PDF

Once you've imported the PDF file to the program, you can press the "Command + F" button on the keyboard to open the "Word search" window. Then you can type the keyword you wanted to find the keywords in a PDF file with ease.

search keyword in pdf

Step 4. Search Multiple PDFs for Keywords

In order to search multiple PDFs for keywords, you can merge multiple PDF files at first. To do so, you can click on the "Combine PDF" button on the welcome page of the PDF editor.

combine pdf

And then click on the "Add Files" to import multiple PDF files into the program and easily combine multiple PDFs. After you've merged multiple PDFs, you can press the "Command + F" button again to easily search multiple PDFs for keywords.

combine pdf files

Why Choose PDFelement to Search Keywords in PDF

PDFelement Pro is an all-in-one tool to edit and manage all the PDF documents just what you want them to be. It means it brings all the flexibility to the PDF documents using revolutionary techniques. You can simply edit the PDF file without any problem just like working on MS Word. Editing a PDF document, an image or even a full page is also possible with this easy-to-use tool - PDFelement. Also, keyword search in PDF and multiple PDF files is even easier. This simple yet influential software allows you to markup any PDF document with highlights, custom notes or even custom drawings. You can even sign a PDF copy for your official purpose as well.
Not only these, PDFelement gives you the freedom to convert any PDF files in MS Word, Excel, text or any other format just as you want. Even you can combine multiple PDFs for a single file with the help of this software.

Main Features of PDFelement

  • Edit of any PDF documents and pictures.
  • Create a secured PDF with the help of passwords.
  • Use PDF watermark for your custom reflection.
  • Convert any PDF in virtually any format you want, like doc, text, HTML, etc.
  • Search keywords in PDF with ease.
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