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Many times you will encounter PDF alignment problems when you are editing PDF files. This is most common when working with files that have been converted from other formats. Most of the time, online conversion tools have this issue – a Word file may be uploaded for conversion when all text is properly aligned. After conversion, all the text is mixed up, with some having justified alignment, others left and others right. This is an issue that can be easily rectified using powerful PDF editors. There are other online tools that you can use to fix alignment issues in PDF files.

Part 1. The Best Solution to Solve PDF Alignment Problems

PDFelement Pro is a tool that enables you to edit all aspects of a PDF file and solve PDF alignment problems easily. Document alignment is important since it ensures that your text is easily readable and not confusing to your audience. A properly aligned document is attractive to read, and you will get a better readership when you present your work in a good way. With PDFelement Pro, you will be able to edit your work and make it presentable professionally.

How to Change Alignment in PDF

Step 1. Start PDFelement Pro and import PDFs

Install the tool after downloading it and then launch it to go to the home page. You can use the "Open" command to navigate to the location of your PDF file and load it in the program. You may also drag and drop the PDF into the interface to load it also. Furthermore, you will be able to have a preview of the pages to see which ones have properly aligned text.

import pdf file

Step 2. Change Alignment in PDF

Go to the "Text" menu and then use the text selection tool. Use this to select the text that has poor alignment. Once selected, go to the text panel on the top side of the window, where you will find all alignment options. You may now select the kind of alignment that you want.

change alignment in pdf

Step 3. Align scanned PDF

OCR scanned file – The text may become garbled when you have scanned a document and put it through OCR. Go to the "Tool" menu, click on the "OCR Text Recognization" option to OCR scanned PDF files easily.

ocr scanned pdf

Re-align text in PDF – Go to the "Text" menu. Then choose the full text for the document. Go to the text panel and then click on the type of alignment you want. Then you can easily align the scanned PDF with ease.

Step 4. Align text in PDF Form

To align text in PDF form, you can click on the "Form" button. Then click on the "Form Field Recognition" button on the drop-down menu. Move the cursor to select the text content, and then you can align text in PDF form under the "Align" menu on the right side of the main interface.

align in pdf form

Why Choose PDFelement Pro to Solve PDF Alignment Problems

When you need to change alignment in your PDF document, one of the best tools to use is PDFelement Pro. This tool comes with the versatility that allows you to align certain sections, pages, or even the full document. When you convert documents from other formats to PDF, there may be alignment issues. This can easily be solved when you use this tool. With just a few clicks of the mouse, all alignment issues are solved. This tool allows you to work fast and with confidence. When you OCR a document, you may also get the same alignment issues in the resultant file. With just a few clicks, the issue will be resolved, and the document will look as if it was typed directly on the computer.

Key Features of PDFelement Pro

  • This tool enables you to create a PDF file from the start. You can also convert other files to create new PDF files.
  • Now you can create your original PDF forms and distribute them to your readers. No more looking for generic forms from the Internet.
  • This is a tool that has a great layout. It can be used with ease and speed, making it great for the speedy production of PDF files.
  • You may now protect your intellectual property using this tool. Add a digital signature and set the permissions.
  • Turn printed documents into digital text by scanning them into PDF images and then passing them through OCR.
PDFelement Pro for mac

Part 2. How to Align PDF Online using ChromePDF

Not many online PDF editors will allow you to directly edit text and align it, and the only way to fix this issue using an online tool is to replace the full text in its entirety. You will not have to type in the text if you are able to copy the text to a Word file or any other file. Here we look at the ChromePDF. Following the steps below to learn how to align PDF online.

Step 1. Load the PDF File Online

Go to ChromePDF home page and then drag the PDF file and drop it into the interface. You may also browse for it from your local disk and upload it. Click on the thumbnail of the page that you want to edit, and it will be loaded on the main editing window.

chrome align pdf

Step 2. Whiteout the Misaligned Text

Go to where the text has been misaligned, and then draw a blank white box to cover it up. Sue the rectangle feature and make sure that the fill color is white or resembles the background of the existing text. On top of this box, retype or paste the misaligned text and match the font style and size.

align pdf online

Step 3. Align PDF Online

Once you have typed the text, align it in such a manner that it seems continuous with the text above and below it.

Step 4. Save PDF Document and Download

Now you can save your PDF document and download it to your computer.

Conclusion and Recommendation: Misaligned text can make a document look unattractive, even if the content is important. Many times, you may have downloaded a PDF file, and all the text was poorly aligned. Some parts were justified, others aligned to the right and others to the left. This poor alignment also made the font look odd. With PDFelement Pro, you can quickly and easily change the alignment of any part of a document, or even that of the full document, at one go. This is a very powerful PDF editor and is quickly becoming the go-to tool for all editing functions among many PDF enthusiasts. There are online tools that can also be used to align PDF text. Most will not allow you to edit the text directly, and you have to erase or whiteout the existing text so you can retype the text and then align it properly. This may be tedious, but it will be the only way out if you do not have a desktop PDF editor.


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