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Mostly, Portable Document Format, PDF, is a highly organized and structured ideas arranged sequentially. In some cases, you may feel an image is incorrectly place or should not be included in the context. Hence, the need to cut such an image is essential. The process of cutting an image from a PDF file is not the same as other document files. Word files, for instance, only require that you highlight the image you want to cut and strike the "Command + X" for Mac devices or "Ctrl + X" for Windows devices. However, the case of a PDF file is completely different. Since PDF is a protected file format, the first thing to do is to make the file directly editable. It is after this that you can proceed to highlight the image you wish to cut. In this article we will show you how to cut image from PDF file with the right PDF image cutter: PDFelement Pro.

The Best PDF Image Cutter

How to cut image from PDF file easily? Using a powerful PDF image cutter will be the best solution to this question. To cut image from PDF means to delete the image from a particular page while still having it copied on the clipboard. This means that you can still paste the image in another file after you cut it from one. The difference between cut and copy is that while copy leaves the image in the primary file, cut does delete the image completely from the primary file. PDFelement Pro is a versatile PDF image cutter recommended for cutting images from PDF files. The program is equipped with all the tools needed for an efficient image cut from a PDF file.

How to cut an image from a PDF file easily

Step 1. Import PDF File to iSkysoft PDF Image Cutter

After you've downloaded and launched the program, you can easily drag and drop your PDF files to the program to open it or click on the "Open File" button to open the desired PDF file.

open pdf files

Step 2. Cut image from PDF

Open the "Edit" menu on the top menu bar, click on the image that you want to cut and strike the "Command + X" for Mac devices or "Ctrl + X" for Windows devices. The image will immediately disappear from the page.

cut image from pdf

Notice:Save the Image (if needed). In case you intend to save the image you cut or use it in another file, navigate to the destination page and strike the "Command + V" for Mac devices or "Ctrl + V" for Windows devices.

Step 3. Save the PDF

The last step, you can click on the "File" button on the top left corner and choose the "Save" option to save the new PDF that you cut the image from.

save the pdf file

Why Choose PDFelement Pro as The Best PDF Image Cutter to Cut Image from PDF File

With the help of PDFelement Pro, you can open all types of PDF files and the PDF editorallows you to edit PDF files easily. The program allows you to modify, edit, add watermark, format, edit headers and footer, and perform every other activity. The basic features of the program are highlighted below:

  • Copy, replace, and cut images in PDF: This program allows you to copy, delete, replace, and cut images from the PDF.
  • Add/edit headers and footer to PDF: iSkysoft allows you to add new custom headers and footers to a PDF file or remove/edit the existing one.
  • Create/Fill PDF forms: This program allows you to create and fill PDF forms.
  • Advanced OCR: iSkysoft allows you to edit and convert the elements of scanned PDF files.

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