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PDF files are widely used due to their unchangeable format when shared or opened on different devices. With PDF files, you can also incorporate images to make the document appealing or provide clear illustrations. So how do you put images into a PDF file? Well, this article shows you two ways on how to put picture in PDF using PDFelement Pro.

Method 1: Put Picture in PDF with PDFelement

To put a picture in a PDF file, you will need to use a PDF tool. One of the best PDF tools available in the market is PDFelement. This software has a powerful editor, converter and creator that makes it easier to manipulate your PDF file. As for the picture, you can add pictures of different formats, adjust them, delete, or easily replace the picture. Now let us look at a step-by-step guide on how to put a picture in PDF with PDFelement. Steps include:

Step 1: Upload a PDF File

First, install PDFelement and open it. After opening it, click on "Open Files" and choose the PDF file you want to add to the program. Next, click on "Open" to upload the PDF file.

how to put picture in pdf

Step 2. Add Photo to PDF

Navigate to the main menu and click on the "Edit" option. A formatting bar will appear. Click on "Add Image" to begin adding a picture to the PDFelement.

how to put picture in pdf

Step 3. Put Picture into PDF

Next, a pop window will appear that allows you to upload a picture from your local storage. Choose a photo or picture that you want to upload and click on the "Open" button. PDFelement will upload the picture immediately. You can resize or reposition the picture by dragging them if you want.

how to put picture in pdf

Method 2: Another Way to Put Picture into PDF

With PDFelement, you can easily put images to your PDF file by dragging and dropping them to the desired text field. Here is a second method on how to put a picture to PDF using PDFelement.

Step 1. Click the Edit Icon

Assuming that you have opened the PDF file as shown in step 1 in method 1, click on the "Edit" menu. By default, the document should be in edit mode. Therefore, if it is in reading mode, then switch on the edit mode.

put picture in pdf

Step 2. Drag the Picture into PDF

Now, go to the folder with the image that you want to drag to PDFelement. You should save the image in a folder path that you can easily remember to become easier to retrieve. Now, click on the image and drag it to a section of a PDF on PDFelement that you to put the image.

put picture in pdf

Step 3. Select “Add as an Image”

On dragging the image to PDFelement, you will be presented with two options. You will be prompted to add an image as a new image or create a PDF file. Click on the "Add as an image" option. Bravo! The image will then appear on the PDF file.

put picture in pdf

Why Choose PDFelement to Put Picture into PDF File

It is with no doubt that PDFelement offers simple ways to put pictures in a PDF file. You have seen that you can use the edit or drag and drop option but what exactly is PDFelement? PDFelement is a PDF software designed to make all your PDF handling centralized and easier. You can create PDF, edit, merge, convert and even save it to where you want. To give you a clear overview of PDFelement it's best to list some of its main features.

Main Features of PDFelement

  • Allows you to create PDF files from images, Word, Excel, PPT, EPUB, RTF and other file formats.
  • Compresses PDF files to customized size without losing the original quality.
  • Enables you to comment and annotate PDF files using different highlight colors, text boxes, drawings and markups.
  • Creates interactive PDF forms, fills PDF forms, edits PDF forms and extracts data from forms.
  • The OCR technology scans the PDF documents and PDF forms to make them editable and searchable.
  • It's integrated with a PDF editor that allows you to modify images, texts, fonts, font style, headers, footers, numbering, and PDF background.

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