How to Remove Metadata from PDF with or without Adobe Acrobat

The metadata on a PDF file plays an important role in showing information such as when the file was created, the related authors, the subject of the PDF file, the software that was used to make it and the permissions that the original author had given it. Now, you may want to edit your PDF document, but remove the metadata from the file. You can follow the steps to add your own new metadata and then edit the file to make it a new piece of work. Normally, people will go to Adobe Acrobat Pro in order to remove metadata from PDF, but there are new tools that can also do the same.

Part 1. The Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative

In order to effectively remove metadata from a PDF file, you need a PDF metadata remover that will display all metadata on the file, allowing you to delete anything that you do not need. PDFelement Pro is the tool that you can rely on to help you remove metadata from PDF with ease.

How to Remove Metadata from PDF without Adobe Acrobat

Step 1. Import PDF to the Program

Select "Open File" and then navigate to here you stored your target PDF file. You may also use "Finder" to drag it into the interface. Once the file loaded you will have a neat display of all the pages contained in the PDF.

open pdf

Step 2. Remove PDF Metadata

Open “File” and then go to “Properties". You should then select “Description” in order to get to the window where you will be able to see all the metadata on the file. On this window you will be able to edit the metadata as you see fit. You can now remove the metadata that you do not need.

pdf properties

Step 3. Further edit the PDF file

When you have removed the metadata that you do not need, you can go ahead and edit the file as you would wish by clicking on the "Edit" button. This will make the file new, and this brings you as the new author of the file. You may also remove metadata and then replace it with some new version.

edit text01

Step 4. Save PDF File

With the removal of the metadata, and subsequent editing of the PDF file, you may now go to "File" menu and click on the "Save" button to save the file as a new PDF file.

save pdf

Why Choose PDFelement Pro to Remove Metadata from PDF

People say that only Adobe Acrobat Pro can remove the metadata of a file. This is not entirely true – the introduction of tools like PDFelement Pro have now made it easy to edit metadata with ease. The tools are also not as expensive as Acrobat Pro. The editing power of this new tool is comparable with that of Acrobat, as you shall see later. Editing metadata is great when you want to do an overhaul of a file that you had before. Removing the old metadata ill reflect that this is a later and edited version of some work that you had done in the past.

The main features of the metadata remover:

  • Convert and Create PDF files– You can convert any document into PDF. You can also create your own new PDF file from a black page.
  • Create PDF forms – you do not have to struggle to get a form that you can use. Create your own custom forms here.
  • Edit & OCR PDF– Now you can scan any paper document and digitize it using the new OCR feature on this tool.
  • Add digital signature to PDF– you can add a digital signature to your work – a unique digital ID.
  • Exceptional interface – you can get organized thanks to the easy to follow user interface o this tool.
pdfelement 6 for mac

Part 2. How to Remove Metadata from PDF with Adobe Acrobat

Whenever a PDF file is reviewed, the new author will want to remain anonymous. In order to do so, one must find out where the personal information of the original author has been stored. Adobe Acrobat Pro is a great PDF editor and you should be able to find such information with ease. The information is found in the metadata or properties of the file.

1. To remove metadata and properties from files created using Adobe Acrobat DC and above

  • Launch Adobe Acrobat DC Choose "File" > "Properties", click the Description tab, and then click Additional Metadata.
  • Now select "Advanced" from the list on the left.
  • To append the current metadata with metadata from a template, hold down Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac OS) on your keyboard, and choose a template name from the menu in the upper right corner.
  • To replace the current metadata with a template of metadata, choose a template file (XMP) from the dialog box menu in the upper right corner.

2. To remove metadata from Adobe acrobat X and below

  • Open the PDF document and then go to “Document” and then choose “Examine Document”. Wait for the examination to be completed.
  • If after the search any information is shown in results, choose “remove”.
  • Save the PDF file.

3. The fastest way but not so thorough

  • Go to file > Properties >Description. You will find information for author and delete.
convert scanned pdf to epub

Comparisons on Adobe Acrobat vs. PDFelement Pro

Here is a table showing some of the basic feature differences between Adobe Acrobat and PDFelement Pro. The table is just a general indicator of the differences and not an exact science. It will help you see that the two are almost identical, but one costs much less, which today, is quite a big deal.

PDFelement Pro
Adobe Acrobat DC
Feature Affordable ($99.95) Expensive ($359)
Target Users Everybody High end professionals
Supporting OS Windows and Mac Windows
Edit and OCR Excellent Great
Convert other files to PDF Yes Yes
Convert PDF to other files Yes No
Better user interface Easy Difficult
Remove hidden content, such as metadata, with a single click No Yes
Access to quick tools Moderate Great
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