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Can you predict a way to search text in PDF? Well, to be honest, it is pretty easy now to search PDF files for text. Just think, you have a PDF document of around 3000 words. You need to highlight an important word in the document. Will you read line by line to search the text? It is practically impossible. From this article, you can learn how to search text in PDF. We are here to help you with 3 easy ways to search text PDF instantly. No more chaos and no long procedure. Even an unprofessional user can do these searches with our guidelines and instructions.

Way 1. The Best PDF Text search Tool to search Text in PDF

You would agree to the fact that one should have perfect software to edit both the PDF for business and personal use. You would be glad to know that such software is available in the market, which is known as PDFelement Pro. Yes, with its awesome features, and excellent user base it is definitely the best. This software is available for both Mac and Windows. It is less expensive and its main features include convert PDF to Word, Excel and PowerPoint etc. You can do the vice versa too. You can organize, search text in PDF files and markup the contents as per your requirement. Just with one-click, you would see results in minutes.

How to Search PDF Files for Text

Step 1. Launch the Program:

Let us download the software from the acknowledged website. Install the software once if the download finished.

start up

Step 2. Open a PDF:

To start the search PDF documents for text, you have to open the PDF file from the system. After the installation, you will get the main wizard. At the left side bottom, there is an option "Open file". Your file will open from the system.

start up

Step 3. Search Text in PDF:

Now, you can search PDF files for text programmatically. Once you've imported the PDF file to the program, you can use the shortcut "Command+F" key to search a text. On the new opened window, you can enter the text you wanted.

find text in pdf

Step 4. Search and Highlight Text in PDF:

Use the shortcut key to search text in multiple PDF files. Click the key "Command+F". You will be identified by the text. Once you've done full text search PDF then you can highlight text in PDF easily. Go to the "Comment" menu and then select "Highlight" option to search and highlight text in PDF file with ease.

comment pdf 01

Step 5. Search Text in Scanned PDF:

To search text in scanned PDF files, you can perform OCR on scanned PDF files at first. You can do the OCR by clicking the "Edit" option and choose the "OCR" option. Then tap the button "Perform OCR" to OCR scanned PDF easily. You have a chance to search multiple PDF files for text in OCR performed document. Just use "Command+F" to search text in scanned PDF.

pdf ocr 07

Step 6. Search and Replace Text in PDF:

Use the shortcut key to search the text "Command+F" and you will get the display. Click on the "Replace with" button and then enter the word to the PDF text search tool. Below, you can see the replace with option and enter the word to replace the content.

replace text

Step 7. Search Text in Multiple PDF Files:

This PDF editor also allows you to search text in multiple PDF files. To achieve this goal, you can combine multiple PDFs at first. At the main interface, you have the option to combine PDF by clicking the "Combine PDF" at the main interface. Just import the files from the computer and click the option "Combine" to merge multiple PDF files. Then you can search the text in combined PDF by using the shortcut key "Command+F".

combine pdf 01

Why Choose PDFelement Pro to Search Text in PDF

We all know very well that every customer would like to have an overview about the software before starting the work. Reasonably, it is common. PDFelement Prois the one which is alternative to adobe since its launch. Users were very comfortable and reviewed it as mind-blowing software which has 23 languages to support different customers. This software comes with the detailed explanation of each and every function internal and external. So, simply download the software and reach your goal.

Key Features of PDFelement Pro

  • You can convert the PDF file to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML and Epub.
  • You can protect the content by creating the secret password and authorized digital signatures.
  • With this software, you can search and highlight text in PDF.
  • You can create the PDF forms and fill out easily.
  • Using the batch process, you can convert the multiple file and data extraction easily.
  • You can add the batch number, watermarking the article and annotate the document.
  • You can easily change the background of the PDF document.
  • You can crop the unwanted areas in the page with proper tool by PDFelement Pro.
start up

Way 2. How to Search PDF Files for Text programmatically in Adobe

Adobe is the original proprietor for the PDF format. Hence, you have solid searches and efficient possibilities in Adobe Acrobat. You have mainly two options to process your requirement in adobe. One is broad manner and other is narrow manner. It is wise to use the functions with authorized catalog. Adobe helps you to find the PDF full text search engine with high class technology. Using adobe acrobat, you can form the field, search PDF body text and include digital signature layer. Searching a text is very easy with adobe acrobat since it has immediate response and speed searches. Adobe software was well known to all customers since it is the proprietor of PDF format. Adobe has many positive reviews from all-round customers and it keeps a 24 hour customer support properly without any interruption.

Step 1. Download and install the adobe acrobat PDF software from the acknowledged website.

Step 2. Installation takes only few minutes so, no need to wait for long time.

Step 3. Once if the installation completed, open the PDF file from the computer.

Step 4. Click the option "Edit" and use shortcut key "Command+F" or (Shift+Control).

search text in pdf with adobe

Step 5. You will get the wizard to enter the word. The word will be highlighted.

Step 6. You can even replace the word by clicking the option "Replace with" at the same wizard.

adobe search text in pdf

Common issues on using Adobe to search PDF files for Text

  • Due to the Unicode table corruption, the PDF may result an issue while searching the text.
  • The subset of each font may not embed the full font.
  • If you didn't update the Adobe Acrobat regularly, you will get the issue when PDF full text search engine process perform.
  • Ensure whether the document is locked by Adobe Acrobat or not. Due to which you might not being able to search the text.

Way 3. How to Search Text in PDF files using Java

In this section, you are going to learn a new lesson which is to Search text in PDF files using Java. Quite interesting, right? These types of methods are well-known only to java developers. So can a person with no knowledge of Java try it? Yes! Everyone can follow this method using simple steps. It was first introduced by the version 4 PDFOne (for JavaTM). Many users have said to add this feature exclusively to make their search process easy and concrete.

Step 1. Download the Javascript program and install it in your computer.

Step 2. Open the program and run it to install the script.

Step 3. Once if you done the extraction module, search the text by using the code PdfDocument.search()

Step 4. This is the easy way to search the text in PDF file.

search pdf text java

To start simple text search, copy and paste the below mentioned code snipped for PDF text search on your file(Here search was made for page 4 of PDF for line containing text- Alcohol).

search pdf text

Then when you run the command, you will see the search result.

search pdf text using java

Moreover, the methods mentioned above will be useful to all developers to minimize their work easily. This article will help them to sort out the problem with proper guidance. We believe the 3 ways to find the text in PDF by normal search or by using the search engine is best among the other ways. Lastly, we assure you that all the above techniques explained were true to our knowledge and we hope that this article will make your search for text in PDF easy.


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