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People read and write every day: books, magazines, articles online. We live in the age of abundance of information that’s why people choose carefully what to read. If you want your writings to be popular among the readers, they need to stick out! This can be achieved with the underline app. PDF underline tool helps you to mark important information, for example names or numbers that deserve special attention. New and unknown to the reader terms can be underlined with further explanation. You can also use underline in PDF to separate different parts of the text from one another. This is a nice idea to make your text user-friendly.

The best PDF underline tool for exists

PDFelement Pro is a multi-function PDF annotator that allows you to underline a text field or words in a PDF easily. It gives users the same experience as working with a Microsoft Word document for Windows. Its is also the most powerful toll on the web that allows you to edit PDF documents professionally: the document can be edited, transformed, secured in just a few clicks.

The best underline app is called PDFelement Pro and it has many useful features:

  • Most importantly, it allows to edit PDF files as easily as you edit Word files.
  • You can add, modify and delete text, pictures, watermarks and links right in the document; copy and paste, drag and drop, crop and rotate functions are readily available too.
  • Initial text can be edited and marked according to your wants and needs.
  • PDF files can be exported in .docx, .xlsx, .pptx, .html and .epub and more files just in one click.
  • This app is pocket-friendly. It is designed for Mac users who are usually small business owners or freelancers who can not afford expensive software. Even students can buy it to submit more beautiful and neat essays.
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How to use this PDF underline tool?

Step 1. Launch the Porgram

iSkysoft app can be downloaded from its official website. Once it is properly installed on your Mac, import your PDF document there. Open the editor, click on folder “Open” and find the needed file.

open pdf files

Good job! Now you have your file in the main body area. You can see tools in the header and left and right sidebars respectively on the sides. To apply changes to your document click “Edit” button on the top or right-click a touch pad if you want to quickly edit the page (for example, add an image).

edit pdf files

Step 2. Underline in A PDF

If you want to underline a piece of text you need to use a mark up function:

  • On the upper tool bar click on “Comment” button.
  • Once selected you will see new function on the left and right side bars.
  • In order to make you text visually important, click on “Underline”, “Highlight” or “Strikethrough” on the top right corner.
  • Then select the text you want to underline.
  • It’s done.
underline in pdf fiels

If you would want to remove the markup later right click the text filed and choose the “Remove” option. You can also remove them in batches or clear the whole documents of all markups right away.
iSkysoft underline app – is a handy and easy to use tool, try it out.


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