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This article is the go to guide for everything that you need to know not only about Adobe Reader but also the Adobe Acrobat (Professional) Software. It is a guide to creating and editing PDFs as well as some information around Ebooks and downloading the software. It features step-by-step guides and plenty of screenshots to make your Adobe experience that much easier!

PDFelement - The Best Adobe Reader Alternative

Though Adobe Reader is a common used PDF reader, it comes with many limitations. So the best solution is to get help from a powerful alternative to Adobe Reader like PDFelement Pro . This PDF editor not only a PDF reader, but also a PDF editor, converter and creator.

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Part 1: Adobe Reader VS Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Reader is a free piece of software that allows you to view and print PDF documents. PDF documents can include a wide variety of files which includes; images, books and forms as well as combinations of all of these. PDFs are incredibly useful as they are cross platform (meaning that they can be viewed on both Macs and Windows computers).

However, as Adobe reader is a free software download there are limitations on the things that you can do. If you need to amend, edit or create PDFs then you will need to purchase the Professional version of Reader called Adobe Acrobat Pro.

If you are not sure of the differences between the two different versions, here is a brief overview table.

PDFelement Pro
Adobe Reader
View and print PDFs
Create PDFs from a range of document types ---
Create PDF from scanned paper documents ---
Convert PDFs into editable Microsoft Word or Excel files as well as HTML files ---
Edit PDFs ---
Combine PDF files into one PDF including different file formats ---
Complete Forms by typing directly onto the PDF ---

These are just a few of the main differences between the two different types of software. As you can see there is so much more that you can do with the Professional version over the free Reader one. However, the usefulness of being able to open PDFs in the first place should not be under-estimated.

Part 2: How to Download and Install Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader Free Download

As well as the official Adobe site there are other sites that offer the facility to download the Reader software to your compatible device. Here is a list of some of the top places that you can download the software from.

• Top 3 Download Sites for Adobe Reader Mac Version; an easy to navigate and informative website that allows you to download Reader with ease and speed. The website has been used over 4.3 million times to download this software.; Another great site that allows you to download Adobe Reader with ease. It offers a brief overview of the updates that have been applied to the download as well as the requirements of the download.; Rated well and featuring user reviews that you can read before choosing whether or not to download the software. This website provides you with the pros and cons of opting for Adobe Reader shows you how many people have also chosen to download with them over the last month.

• Top 3 Download Sites for Adobe Reader Windows Version; Informative, easy to use this site is ideal for those who are looking to download Adobe Reader to their computer quickly and with ease. You can even choose to upload an older version of the software if you should need to.

Softpedia; Simple and straight to the point. This is the ideal site to use to download if you know exactly what it is that you are looking for and don’t need any of the further information that other websites may provide.

Techradar; is most certainly a website who’s opinions can be trusted. A technology testing website you can be sure of user friendliness here as well as safety!

• Download Sites for Adobe Reader Android and iOS Version

Google Play; Google play is the top download site to use for Android gadgets and has an Adobe Reader that you can download. This is most probably the safest method to download this software for your Android device.

Freeware lovers; A great site for downloading Adobe Reader for Android, and just as user friendly and quick as the others.

iTunes; Much like Android with Google Play, iTunes is probably the safest place to download Adobe Reader to your iPad or iPhone.

Tom’s Guide; Tom’s Guide is a great website for a quick and easy way to download Adobe Reader onto your Android or iOS device with minimal fuss and effort.

Adobe Reader Installation

Go to Adobe website to find the correct version you need. Below we will guide you to install Adobe Reader on your Mac:

  • Step 1: Click a large yellow button, and you will be asked whether or not you would like to open or save the program file. Click Save > OK and the download begins.
  • Step 2: Once completed, double click the downloaded program file to start the setup.
  • Step 3: When you get a dialog box appear, click Continue and follow the setup instruction to finish the installation.
Adobe Reader Installation

Part 4: Tips about Adobe PDF Ebook Reader

Adobe PDF Ebook Readerknown also as Adobe Digital Editions allows you to use Adobe Flash to acquire, manage and read a variety of digital publications including books, magazines and newspapers. It also allows you to transfer these files into your own reading device easily and quickly.

How to Read PDF with Adobe PDF Ebook Reader

Step 1: Once you have installed the software onto your computer or device using the website of your choice then you can begin to use it in order to read your selected digital publications.

Here is a screenshot of how the Adobe Digital Editions software will look on your computer. This is what you will use to transfer your chosen publications to your device.

Adobe PDF Ebook Reader

Step 2: You can buy or download your Ebooks from a variety of different websites and databases. Any that you download onto your computer will then be placed into your Digital Editions library can therefore be moved onto your device.

This is how a downloaded or purchased book will look within the Digital Editions software.

Adobe PDF Ebook Reader

Digital Editions is simple to use, incredibly useful piece of software that allows you to transform the way that you manage your digital publications.

Adobe has a range of software that are tailor made to make your life easier. The whole suite of packages have use in everyday life as well as being ideal for businesses around the country.


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