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A file with the ASPX file extension is an Active Server Extensions Pages file made by Microsoft for ASP.NET. ASPX files generated from web servers contain scripts and some code that helps understand how browsers and pages should open and display. Microsoft's website uses the ASPX extension instead of HTML. This extension stands for Active Server Pages. If you want to view ASPX files more conveniently, you can convert ASPX to PDF files. PDF format does not depend on the operating system, software, hardware, or even a specific device. Allows end-users to read files independent of the system and its specifications.

How to Convert ASPX to PDF with Easy Ways

ASPX is an Internet media file. Therefore, it is important to open files with web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera mini. The steps provided below are essential for opening ASPX files in Chrome and saving them as PDF documents.

Way 1. Convert ASPX to PDF in Chrome

Step 1. Open ASPX file in Chrome.

Step 2. Press 'Ctrl+P' to open the 'Print' page pop-up window. On the left, under the 'Destination' section, you will find the option 'Change.'

Step 3. Press the 'Change' button and choose the 'Save as PDF' option.

Step 4. Press the 'Save' button, marked blue, to save the ASPX file in a PDF format.

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Way 2. Convert ASPX to PDF Online

Step 1. Visit the online ASPX to PDF converter.

Step 2. Drag and drop ASPX file to the webpage to get the start, or you can click the button to browse a ASPX file from the local folder.

Step 3. After uploading the ASPX file, it will open a new window automatically. Now, the ASPX file has been converted to a PDF file. Click the 'DONE' button to save the converted PDF file.

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