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Document management is something which every business needs. There are hundreds of programs which can be used to make this happen. The need of document management workflow software is in business is very obvious. For human mind it is not possible to maintain all the documents in the best manner. It is this kind of program which can makes sure that best management of documents are done. The tools and techniques which are added to such programs also ensure that the user gets the maximum benefits. As the name suggests it not only fosters document management but also the workflow which is related to it.

Top 5 Workflow Management Software System

1. Treeno Software Workflow Management System

Established in 2002 Treeno makes sure that the best document management is delivered to across all industries. There are several advantages of using this program which ensure that the overall workflow of documents become easy.

  • The software is managed by the company's own IT professionals. It is therefore not a burden on costs. The cloud document management has also been integrated in latest version.
  • The business software programs are integrated with the program so that file insertion and retrieval become easy.
  • Most of the internal business apps are automated by this program. It means that not only the productivity increases but at every level the app integration becomes a success.
  • This program has captured most of the industrial requirements of many companies. It is therefore very much appreciated and therefore highly recommended.

Price: $50 per month per user.


2. FileHold Document Workflow Software

FileHold Document Workflow Software is a Document Management Workflow Software that has been regarded as one of the finest ones in the industry. There have been many changes in the program to ensure that it matches the current needs. It can be regarded as trend setter within the industry because of its awesome functions.

  • FileHold Document Workflow Software is a program that easily fulfills organizational requirements.
  • Companies are now finding it too easy to switch to this program due to number of pricing choices it offer.
  • The program has been highly rated by the users because of the effectiveness which it offers.

Price: Free Trial and 4 different packages namely Express Package for $3750 one time.


3. ProcessMaker

The ProcessMaker makes sure that the document management gets to the new level. It is done with the help of state of the art functions. The program is has advanced scanning and uploading capabilities. The overall functioning is easy and therefore it makes this program as one of the best.

  • The best part about this program is that it is open source.
  • The drag and drop feature is added to the program which increases its effectiveness.
  • The program is too easy to use and therefore it is highly recommended to the companies

Price: There are 4 different packages. Open Source is free of charge, Standard package starts from $1000 per month for unlimited users.


4. Nuance Workflow Management

Nuance Workflow management is a program which has all the capabilities to handle high end sensitive documents. From ERP integration to overall oracle support this program is the very best of all. The processes of the companies can be implemented to ensure that the program works at its very best.

  • It is a program which solely depends upon the fact that the price can be changed as per enterprise requirements.
  • The overall make of the program makes the document handling remains the main priority.
  • The official website also offers customized packages for organizations.

Price: Two main packages are Power PDF standard: $99.99 per user. Power PDF advance is the other package which is offered and its monthly cost is $149.99 per user.


5. Dapulse

Dapulse is a program which has all the features required by large organizations. The best outcome is generated if there is a slight recoded by the middleware developers. The organization running internal apps can also be integrated to make sure that the maximum output is gained. The productivity increase is an integral part of this program.

  • Workload management as well as team collaboration has never been as easy as it is with this program.
  • It is the best way to ensure that the workflow is managed in line with the requirements of the organization.
  • The website has all the related info for corporate clients that require special formulation of packages

Price: 4 different packages which are Basic $25/month, Standard $39/month, Pro $59/month and Enterprise $118/month.


Best Document Management Software to Simplify Workflow - PDFelement Pro

PDFelement Pro is the best Document Management Workflow Software to manage the workflow with ease. The best part which makes it a sure choice of every company is the price. It is too inexpensive as compared to every software programs that have been mentioned above. The overall make and design of the program is too simple and it makes the document management too easy to follow. There are many features of the program which make it awesome and some of these are as follows.

Why Choose This Workflow Document Management Software:

  • Editing PDF text, image, pages and OCR has never been as easy as this program has made.
  • The PDF can be signed, markup, annotated and stamped with ease using this program.
  • The PDF can be converted combined, split and even created from the scratch using this program.
  • The PDF form can be filled and created using PDFelement Pro. Form data can be extracted as well with this program.
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