5 Best Medical Document Management Software


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From patient reports to overall hospital data management the medical document management software is very important. It allows the large organizations to keep the data in one place. The one click solutions that have been embedded make sure that the best outcome is generated. It means that extracting the data for the patient has never been as easy as these programs have made. The report scanning as well as its display on the website for easy access means that the system works at its very best all the time. There are many medical document management software programs in the market which are used. Among them the 5 below are the best of all.

Top 5 Medical Document Management Software

1. PDFelement Pro for Mac

PDFelement Pro is the most recommended Medical Document Management Software that can ensure that the work is done for medical document management. It deals specifically with the PDF files and there are many other features which are also embedded. The best part is the GUI which makes it use too easy. Embedding multiple functions under a single tab is also another advantage which is related to this. The program has been successfully handling PDF documentation of various organizations. Some of the features which make this program as the first choice for all are mentioned as below.

Key Features of This Medical Document Management Software:

  • The PDF editor is highly affordable. It means that it under $100 the organization gets the functions of editing, converting, OCR and securing PDF in a single interface.
  • The PDF can be annotated, stamped and markup for the changes as well. All these features can be operated from the single location within the program.
  • The PDF files can be combined in case they are small in size and vice versa. The PDF conversion to most common formats is also possible with this program.
  • The unauthorized use of PDF files is not possible if processed through this program. It means password protection, sharing and watermarking files for easy access and use.
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2. 3M document management

It is regarded as a solution which makes the working easy and allows multiple integrations. The medical document management software development is something that has always been a center point of this program. There are many solutions which this program offers and it means increased productivity. 3M document management has many other features embedded as well. Some of these are mentioned as under for clear understanding of the subject:

  • The concurrent access to the patient record and its maintenance makes this program as one of the best. The program has this feature integrated under one click access.
  • The document scanning and its upload to cloud storage allow easy access in future and also ensures that the record is ready on demand.
  • The workflow has been streamlined which means that the time is save. The integration of already used programs is also possible for increased effectiveness.
  • The average implementation of the software takes 120 days which means within this time span the organization goes paperless.
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3. McKesson Document Management Systems

The enormous amount of information is processed by the medical organizations all over the world. To handle large amounts of data this program has been developed. The features are awesome and therefore the program works very effectively. Some of these are mentioned as below:

  • One click patient folders are made with this program. By naming folders the data access becomes easy and relevant.
  • The document capture is possible from multiple domains which make it possible for the staff to upload data easily.
  • Right information is always uploaded for every patient that means that the program eliminates errors and also ensures fast working.

4. OnBase Healthcare Software Solutions for Clinical Document Management

Just like its name the program has the best ideas that have been integrated within. It also means that there are very less chances of manipulation of record at all. Features which are embedded within are mentioned as under:

  • The cloud storage of the program is very protective. The document once uploaded to storage becomes password protected which means only authorized access allowed.
  • The HIT applications which are embedded within make sure that the existing apps are never wasted at all.
  • The governmental systems are also integrated within to ensure that the communication becomes smooth and in line with the requirements of the organization.
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5. Kofax Healthcare Content Management

When it comes to healthcare Kofax needs no intro at all. There are many features which are integrated within the application. Some of the features of the medical document management software are mentioned as under:

  • Information handling is done in most effective manner by this application. It is done with the help of record management technologies embedded.
  • The medical imaging is done to ensure that the documents are scanned as soon as they are deposited in repository.
  • The content that has been unstructured is managed in a manner that finding the right file becomes easy and hassle free.

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