Cannot Open PDF with Google Docs? Solved!

The Google Docs is a very handy tool to store the documents online from where these can be accessed with ease and satisfaction. Another important advantage of Google docs is that the data is never lost. In case of system or hard drive crash the data is easily retrievable. Almost every file type can easily be uploaded using this program including PDF. The Google docs provide 15GB of free space which means that the user can upload as many PDF files as required. The PDF files and the Google docs can easily be linked. Google docs also provide an interface which can be used to open PDF in Google Docs with ease and satisfaction. The PDF management with Google docs is very easy and therefore it is highly recommended and reliable. The PDF files remain intact and the users can view the content with ease. Google docs are highly reliable when used solely for PDF.

Part 1. How to Open PDF in Google Docs

The steps which are associated to this are very easy to understand. It means that they are easy to follow and implement. The Gmail or any other Google related product users can easily use the PDF related features of Google docs to get the best results.

Step 1.Access the Google drive and login with your account. Click the new button on the top left corner and choose File upload.

edit pdf in google docs

Step 2.From the window that pops up choose the PDF file that is to be uploaded to the drive and click open. Once the file has been uploaded search it in the drive. Right click the file so that the pop up menu comes up. From open with menu select Google docs to view the file.

edit pdf in google docs

Step 3. Then you can open the PDF in Google Docs and this completes the process in full.

edit pdf in google docs

5 common issues on opening, viewing and editing PDF in Google Docs

The most common issues which are related to this phenomenon are as follows:

1. The images of PDF does not load when the file is open through Google Docs

Not loading PDF images is a by default phenomenon which is associated to Google Docs. There is only one solution and that is to change the program used for PDF viewing.

2. The words of PDF files opened in Google docs cannot be edited at all

It is again a by default phenomenon or a limitation of Google docs. Changing program to another or copying and pasting PDF file to new Google Doc and then editing it will solve the issue.

3. The Google Docs keep loading when the option of PDF file opening from Google drive is chosen

There are many reasons to that. Unstable internet connection and broken PDF file link are usual causes of this. Uploading the PDF file to drive once again and then repeating the process will solve the issue.

4. Google docs show distorted PDF files once it is opened

This is issue related to browser or system resolution. Troubleshooting both will get the work done with ease.

5. The pages of PDF cannot be added and deleted when it is open through Google docs

It is one of the quandaries of Google docs that it lacks the advance editing functions. A change of program helps in this regard.

Part 2. Open PDF with Google Docs Alternative

The Best Way to Open PDF

The PDFelement Pro can be regarded as the best alternative to Google docs. This program has most advanced features of manipulating PDF which Google docs do not possess. The OCR PDF, PDF creation, securing the file and even editing of PDF has never been as easy as it is with this program. The PDF files can also be combined and the program nix any such move that hampers the PDF related productivity. A completely different version is also available for the business customers and it can do wonders for them.

How to Open PDF with Google Docs Alternative

The process which is related to this program is very easy and therefore it means that this program proves to be very handy. The PDF opening has never been as easy as it is with this program and hence it is highly regarded to get the work done with ease. The steps to open PDF in Google Docs alternative are mentioned as under:

Step 1. Import PDF to the Program

Download and install the program. After finishing the installation launch the program to access the main interface. Then you can import the PDF file to the program. The PDF file can be dragged and dropped to import it to the program. The open file button can also be pressed to import the files:

import pdf files

Step 2. View PDF

After you've imported the PDF to the program, you can click on the "View" button and view the PDF files as your needs. You can use the "Zoom" tool to zoom in and zoom out PDF from 1% to 6400%.

edit pdf files

The up and down arrow keys of the program can be used to navigate the PDF:

page navigation

Step 3. Edit PDF Files

With the help of this PDF editor, you can also edit PDF files easily. To do so, you can click on the "Edit" button. And then choose the corresponding PDF editing tool to edit your PDF files easily.

Edit PDF Texts: Open your PDF documents in "Edit" tab and then move the cursor to select the text content you wanted. Then you can change the font size and color on the right side toolbar.

edit text in pdf

Edit PDF images: Click on the images in the PDF file, you can rotate, flip, extract or replace the images in the PDF on the image editing toolbar with ease.

flip images in pdf

Why Choose PDFelement Pro to Open PDF with Ease

The PDFelement Pro is one of the best ways to make sure that the PDF related tasks are performed with ease. Converting and editing PDF are done with ease and satisfaction. The PDF files can also be marked up and signed. The PDF forms creation has never been as easy as it is with this program. The PDF files can be organized and therefore it means that PDF files stored in system can also be organized. The program can access multiple PDF files as well and the users can view it as per their desire. The best part of the program is that it can customize the background, header and footer of the PDF file in question.

Key features of PDFelement Pro:

  • Markup PDF files with sticky notes, drawing tools, text box, mark up tools, and so much more.
  • Add notes to a PDF and your text analyses will be more productive.
  • From a dropdown menu on the Tools option, you can access and even customize any of these note taking tools. This makes the program as one of the most unique.
  • It provides you many PDF editing tool to edit, convert, create, secure, OCR and share PDF files.
  • Convert multiple PDF files in batch and do data extraction from PDF files. This feature is highly in demand when it comes to corporate users.

Part 3. More Tips about Working with PDF in Google Docs

Google docs are great and become even handy when it is connected to PDF files. There are many tips which can be applied to get the work done with ease. Some of the tips are as follows:

1. The PDF file can easily be downloaded and saved to Google drive where it can be viewed using Google Docs. Click the printer on the bottom right corner, click change button, access the Google cloud print section where you can also see save to Google Drive.

2. Open the PDF file with Google Docs and it is converted to Google Docs format. Save it once again for easy OCR PDF.

3. If the format conversion is required then it is easy. Open Word file in Google doc and click file > Download as > PDF document and the word format will be downloaded as PDF. There is no need of any convertor once this process has been followed.

4. The keyboard shortcuts can also be used to perform different functions on PDF files that have been exported to Google Docs from Google drive. For instance the CTRL + SHIFT + F can be used to view exported PDF in full screen.

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