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There are many advantages which are related to PDF and especially if it is saved in form of pages. The large corporate organizations always make sure that the PDF files are saved in form of pages. It is because the data search and extraction becomes easy if such measures are taken. The exact page from the entire PDF file can easily be extracted by a single click. It is also important that such measures are taken as it will allow easy extraction of the important PDF forms as well. The PDF files which can also be combined in form of pages. It means that all important pages can be at the same place at the same time. There are many programs which can be used to perform the task. It also ensures that the PDF related tasks become easy and handy and therefore it is highly recommended to save PDF in form of pages. In this article, we will show you how to open PDF in pages with ease.

Part 1. How to Open PDF in Pages for Editing on Mac

The Best Way to Open PDF in Pages

The PDFelement Pro is one of the best programs which can be used to open PDF in pages easily. The program can convert, edit and OCR PDF as well. The PDF forms can also be made and the users can also protect the PDF files by password locking them.

How to Open PDF in Pages on Mac

Step 1. Start PDFelement Pro and import PDF files

From the official website you can easily download the program, install and launch the program to access the main interface. Then you can import the PDF file to program by drag and drop feature. It can also be done with the help of "Open File" button at the bottom.


Step 2. Edit PDF file before converting

The PDF can also be edited before it is converted to pages. This step is optional. Under the "Edit" tab of the program the PDF can be edited using paragraph or line mode.


Step 3. Convert PDF to Pages

Under the "Convert" tab you can convert PDF to other file formats. Here you can click on the "To Pages" button. From the right side toolbar click on the "Convert" button and save the PDF in pages to the local folder.


Step 4. Open PDF in Pages

Now you can fin the converted files in local folder and open the file in Pages easily.

open pdf in page

The PDFelement Pro is one of the easiest ways to make sure that the best outcome is generated of all PDF related tasks. The users of the program are highly satisfied and therefore it also has been rated high. The program can also be used to convert PDF not only to pages but a wide range of formats. The use of program is highly simple and therefore can be used by novice users as well. The program has multiple features which can also be used to carry out tasks such as OCR, PDF editing and the list goes on. It is also used to make PDF forms which are a very common task. Click here, you can get the full guide on how to manage your PDF documents easily with this PDF editor.

Why Choose PDFelement Pro to Open PDF in Pages

There are many reasons to choose PDFelement Pro for Mac for all PDF related tasks. It is not only reliable but also makes sure that various PDF related tasks are performed with ease. The users can also combine, OCR and convert PDF files to various formats with ease.

The main features of PDFelement Pro:

  • It comes with sticky notes, drawing tools, text box, mark up tools, and so much more.
  • Add notes to a PDF on Mac with this software and your text analyses will be more productive.
  • It provides you many PDF editing tool to edit, convert, create, secure, OCR and share PDF files.
  • You can batch process multiple PDF files and do data extraction from PDF files.

Part 2. More Tips about Pages vs PDF

Both formats have their own use and therefore both are highly in demand. The pages are developed by Apple to ensure that the readability is enhanced. The pages were launched in February 2011 and the PDF format was released in June 1993. The best part about PDF is that it has been directly developed by ISO which means that all the standard related tasks are performed up to the mark. The Pages on the other hand needs to make sure that the ISO related certifications are provided. The Pages is iWork Productivity Suite whereas the PDF format is platform independent. The PDF can import the word files whereas the pages can only import some formats of word files and the others are not compatible.

The PDF format is widely used to export and transfer wide range of documents. The most sensitive places of the world including the US homeland security department also use this format to exchange sensitive information. The pages are however just limited to the Mac users as iWork productivity suite cannot be used on platform other than Mac. The pages interface is rich and allows the users to choose among the wide range of templates as soon as the application is launched. The PDF supports Open Document File Format while the pages does not.


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