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It is better for you to print to PDF on iPad, iPhone or Android to keep and read documents. PDF printing applications are highly beneficial for your productive work life. You can keep use PDF printer on iPad, iPhone or Android phone. With the advent of technology, there are multiple PDF printing software and applications available in the market that not only facilitate viewing your files, but also enable editing, task management on PDF files, adding notes, highlighting text, bookmarking and much more features. Here we help you to choose the best App for PDF printing on iPad, iPhone and Android phone. Just pick up the best PDF printer for Android, iPhone and iPad. For desktop users, please try PDFelement Pro.

Part 1: How to Print to PDF from iPhone

PDF printing on iPhone is the easiest way to keep your data easily accessible anytime and anywhere. You can keep the data portable and use it as and when needed. Printing in PDF format is done with the help of application just like it is done with software in laptops and computers.

iPhone facilitates PDF Printing with the help of various free and paid PDF printer for iPhone. You can download these applications from App Store. There are many super cool applications which facilitate PDF Printing on your iPhone in a quick and easiest way. It is very convenient to print with them. Let’s know about some of the free iPhone PDF Printing applications.

1#: PDFelement for iOS

PDFelement for iOS is a free print to pdf app. One of PDFelement major feature is edit feature, which allows you edit your PDF file on mobile phone like a Word processer. And this PDF printing can also help you to convert PDF, Annotate PDF, sign PDF, share PDF and more.

Print to PDF on iPhone: Firstly, download this free print to PDF App, open file on PDFelement. Before you print to PDF, you can also use tools of reading, editing, annotating, converting and signing PDF files. To save file as PDF, you can easily tap the three dots on the left of file to convert the documnet to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and so on. To print to PDF form iPhone, you can tap "Print" to print your PDF files.

Pros: You can import files from cloud storage including Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, or via WiFi transfer.

to pdf

Download To PDF >>

2#: To PDF

To PDF is an application that supports PDF printing on iPhone. To PDF is simple and easy PDF Printer used to convert Photos, Pictures, Contacts and Text Messages in Adobe PDF. All you need to do is to download it and access it within minutes. It is hassle free way to convert documents of your need in PDF format.

Print to PDF on iPhone: Simply download To PDF and open it in your device. Browse for the documents you want to convert into PDF, tap on them and the documents will directly open into To PDF. To convert it into a PDF, tap the PDF icon on the top right hand side of the screen and from this menu, you can preview the result and can save it with the help of save function.

Pros: Quick working. User Friendly. Easy to download and use.

Cons: You cannot rearrange pages in PDF. Time-consuming in large documents.

to pdf

Download To PDF >>

3#: PDF Printer for iPhone

PDF Printer for iPhone is the ultimate converter to Adobe PDF. It can open any office document. With this PDF print app, you can deal with digitalizing printed documents and it enables you to make sharp digital copies and instantly save them to the readable PDF files.

Print to PDF on iPhone: Download PDF Printer for iPhone. Now, locate the document on your iOS device and open it with Sonic PDF Creator. Once, the file is imported to the application, PDF creation starts instantly. All newly created PDF files are saved on your phone’s storage system until you delete them. You can easily share, preview, or use them in other apps.

Pros: High quality output. Quick and hassle-free.

Cons: Didn't work with iOS 12 yet.

pdf printer for iphone

Download Sonic PDF Creator >>

4#: Web to PDF

Web To PDF is the brilliant application by Dartsoft Inc. This application is a complete solution for storing, sharing and printing the documents. You can save your article to read them on your preferred time, and you can bookmark on the pages as well. There are many exciting benefits attached with this application and it is free to use. It is a very convenient file manager.

Print to PDF on iPhone: Open the page in your built-in browser or any other browser. Save the page in the Drop box and convert it in PDF format from the options available. The file will be converted to the PDF and will be saved in the drop box from where you can view it, mail it, add notes to it anytime.

Pros: Many added advantages. Great file manager.

Cons: It is not very simple to use.

web to pdf

Download Web to PDF+ >>

5#: PDF Export Lite

PDF Expert Lite is a brilliant application when it comes to PDF printing. It offers all the added advantages of saving images, contact, documents, web pages, e-mails, clipboard content, and drop box content for PDF Printing. It is super- easy to use and gives desired output quickly.

Print to PDF on iPhone: Simply download this application and run it on your iPhone. Browse for the documents you want to convert and they will open with PDF Expert Lite directly. Select convert to PDF option and file will be saved to device storage drive. You can make the transfer with Wi-Fi network and also send files to iBook, Good Reader, PDF Reader.

Pros: Super easy usage interface.

Cons: Run advertisements in the application.

pdf expert lite

Download PDF Converter Lite >>

Part 2: How to Print to PDF on iPad

Using PDF printer for iPad is one of the fastest and easiest ways to print to ease your productivity needs. Some of the free PDF Printers available are:

#1: DocAS Lite

DocAS Lite is a powerful solution to your various needs like it annotates PDFs, convert other documents to PDF format, read documents, sharing documents on your iPad and many more added benefits. All is possible with DocAS Lite PDF converter. This application is specially designed to fulfil your varied needs.

Print to PDF on iPad: Download DocAS Lite on your device and run it. Locate the files and they will be opened with this application instantly. Select from the various options available on screen and tap. PDF printing will be facilitated on go, and you can save the document for further usage.

Pros: Outstanding features and fast output. An exceptional audio notes facility.

Cons: A little complex to understand initially.

docas lite

Download DocAS Lite >>

#2: Able2Extract PDF Converter

Able2Extract PDF Converter is a lightweight PDF solution that facilitates high quality PDF conversions instantly. Printing to and convert from PDF files easily with Able2 for free on ipad!

Print to PDF on iPad: Locate any file on your iOS device and tap it to open it using Able2Extract. Once the file is open into the application, tap on the conversion symbol and then choose the conversion output. Files are stored on your device’s storage system until you delete, enabling you to share easily, preview, or use them.

Pros: Instant creation. High Quality.

Cons: None – It is a five-star application.

able2extract pdf converter

Download Able2Extract PDF Converter >>

#3: PDF Connect Free

PDF Connect Free is an innovative solution with groundbreaking features. It facilitates fast document rendering in case of heavy files. It offers editing files, scanning documents, PDF form-filling, PDF conversion, delete/add/rearrange pages in PDFs, cloud support and many more added features.

Print to PDF free on ipad: Open PDF Connect Free in your device. Locate the document to be converted and tap on it. It will be opened directly into PDF Connect Free, here you can convert it by selecting convert file option on the home screen. Your document will be converted instantly. You can now save it, share it and e-mail it.

Pros: Instant results. Add-on features.

Cons: Heavy application, takes a lot of device space.

pdf connect free

Download PDF Connect Free >>

#4: PDFfiller

PDF filler allows you to do everything you need on your documents, forms, contracts and estimates. Using this convenient mobile application, you can benefit yourself greatly. You can convert your documents into PDF format, write on the document, fill it and sign on it. It also facilitates faxing and printing the documents.

Print to PDF on iPad: Download the application. Create an account with PDF Filler. Creating account instructions are inbuilt in the application. Add new document by locating in your device or from the web. You can then save it in PDF format by selecting the option on the screen. After converting in PDF format, you can mail it directly from the software itself.

Pros: Easy to Use. Perfect output.

Cons: You cannot access it directly, need sign-up account.

pdf filler

Download PDFfiller >>

#5: PDFProvider+

PDF Provider+ enables you to download documents, open web pages on Safari or any other in-built browser via prefixing PDFpro: //. It also facilitates conversion of clipboard content, Contacts, Maps and pictures to PDF and create PDF documents and share them via Dropbox or send by email.

Print to PDF on iPad: Add your file in PDFProvider+ by tapping on the add button on the screen. Select convert option and file will be converted to PDF format. You can now scan it to make a digital file or share it via e-mail. You can save it for long-term usage as well.

Pros: User friendly. Easy to learn and easy to use.

Cons: Heavy file. Need huge disk space.

pdf provider

Part 3: How to Print to PDF for Android

Android mobile system is now world popular device operating system. Many users use it not only for personal productivity but also for professional work that makes it a great business device. With this arises, the need for printing. How an Android device can be used for printing? There is huge business data which users want to keep with them so that there is no hassle in the business. PDF printing is done to keep the documents, web pages, contacts and other business documents in PDF format that is easily accessible.

PDF printing on Android devices is facilitated by PDF printer for Android. These applications support almost all formats and are easy to use. You can convert web pages, contacts, documents, images, clip-board data and many more supported formats to PDF files and access them anytime and anywhere. You are also facilitated to share or view your PDF files anytime offline.

#1: Ultimate PDF Converter

Ultimate PDF Converter is specifically designed for your Android mobile devices. Now you can convert documents instantly over the cloud to PDFs. All you need is a PDF Viewer in order to view all the Office documents.

Print to PDF on Android: Install the app and browse it on the SD card of your device. Locate the file that you need to convert with the application. Now, Tap the file to open the context menu. Click on 'Send' or 'Share'. Choose uPDFConv, and your file will be converted and stored in the device's SD card as.PDF

Pros: Easy and fast output.

Cons: PDF viewer is required to view files.

ultimate pdf converter

#2: Web to PDF Converter

Convert the web pages to PDF files and access them anytime and anywhere with Web to PDF Converter application. This application works to convert web pages to PDF files, and you can easily share or view your PDF files anytime offline.

Print to PDF on Android: Open the webpage in your device's inbuilt browser. Click “Web to PDF” icon and Confirm the file name and path. Now click to download. You can find the webpage in PDF format in download manager.

Pros: Simple to use. Quick results.

Cons: Do not support other formats.

web to pdf converter

#3: Able2Extract

Import the document you want to convert into PDF format from your Android phone to Able2Extract via "open in" menu from your e-mail or another application. It will be then automatically converted into PDF format. Able2Extract also help you to re-convert PDF to editable format, you can correct it and then, convert it again to PDF.

Print to PDF on Android: Locate any file on your device and tap it to open it using Able2Extract. Once the file is open into the application, tap on the conversion symbol and then choose the conversion output. Files are stored on your device’s storage system until you delete, enabling you to share easily, preview, or use them.

Pros: Facilitates all formats. Quality results. Easy to install and use.

Cons: Not Found

able2 extract

#4: Doc to PDF

Easily convert documents and files to PDF format with Doc to PDF application. It is easy to install and user friendly. You can convert PDF file with the application and can e-mail it directly from the application itself.

Print to PDF on Android: Download Doc to PDF in your device and run it. Type "...Filename.PDF...," before clicking on the CONVERT to PDF button. Now click CONVERT to PDF and the file will be converted to PDF format. You can open Converted PDF file directly from Application.

Pros: Simple and efficient working. Hassle free way of conversion.

Cons: Only doc. Format conversions facilitated.

doc to pdf converter

#5: PDF Converter Pro

PDF Convertor Pro is an Android application which helps you to convert your files into PDF file and access them anytime. You can save, share and view your PDF anytime offline with PDF converter Pro. It supports almost all input types.

Print to PDF on Android: Download PDF Converter Pro in your Android device and open it. Select convert a file. Now select input file and tap on convert button. File will be automatically converted into PDF format and will be stored in the device memory. You can then access it anytime.

Pros: All formats supported.

Cons: Crashes sometimes due to heavy files.

pdf converter pro

Part 4: How to Print to PDF from Desktop

With the right PDF editing tool, you can easily print to PDF on Mac and Windows. If you want to print to PDF on iPhone, iPad and Android, you need to download the Apps with printing feature on your device at first. And then activate the printing feature and follow the guide to print to PDF on iOS or Android devices. Although it's easy to use Apps for printing to PDF files on your mobile devices, it also will take up storage space of your devices, you can also unable to edit the PDF files as you wish and the process will be a lot more complex than its first appears.

The Desktop Solution to Print to PDF for Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android

PDFelement Pro can be the best PDF printer, creator, converter and editor, allowing you have fully control on your PDF files. It provides you with a convenient and easy way to print PDF files. You can customize your print options to set page range, copies, and to add printed PDF to iBook, Web receipts folder, and send printed PDF by mail or message.

Why Choose This PDF Printer:

  • Create PDF from Webpage, images, EPUB and PDF.
  • Easily create PDF form and fill out PDF form.
  • Allow edit PDF files with various PDF editing tools.
  • Convert PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, and more other formats.
  • Advanced OCR feature enables you to edit and convert PDF.
pdfelement for mac

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