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The real estate is all about money and therefore it is a sensitive subject to handle. The accountants as well as the related staff that has been hired by the owners might face issues in regards to cash flow and record keeping. It is because there are many transactions involved keeping record of which is not possible manually. The real estate document management software makes sure that the issue is resolved. It allows easy documentation and overall relaxing outcome which make them super best for any real estate business. There are many such software programs in the market and the following 5 are the best among them.

1. PDFelement Pro

PDFelement Pro is an easy-to-use real estate document management software. The overall management of the program when it comes to PDF files is the best of all. The PDF handling of the program is effective and therefore it is a choice of many. An important aspect of the program is that it’s price is not as high as other programs have. The features of the program are matchless and therefore it is highly recommended. Some of the properties or features of the program are as follows:

Main Features of This Real Estate Document Management Software:

  • PDF editing and OCR is very easy if done through this program. It includes text editing, image editing, page editing and even making a PDF file even from scratch.
  • Marking up PDF has never been as easy as it is with this program. It means annotating, stamping and free hand drawing the PDF file with ease.
  • PDF form creation has never been as easy as it is with this program. It includes form creation, form filing and data extraction.
  • PDF files can also be converted to others with this program. It has many other functions such as combining and splitting PDF
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2. DocStar

The real estate document management software has been known for its easy handling and best support which is not to be found elsewhere. DocStar is actually a company that has been at the forefront of every development. The real estate management is something that is associated to the programs of this company. The features of the program which have been embedded make sure that they get the best outcome for real estate management. The overall making of the program has several advantages embedded within. Some of these advantages are mentioned as under.

  • There are many aspects of DocStar which can be employed to make the best use of the program. It is now up to the user to deploy the changes that are demanded by the real estate business.
  • HR documentation has also been made a vital part of this real estate document management system. It means a single interface to fulfill all the needs.
  • The real estate insight and productivity can be increased with this program. It captures all the documents which are required and reduce errors to increase insight.
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3. DynaFile

The company is known for the work it does to make sure that the businesses go paperless. The real estate management program of this company is the best of all. Some of the features which make it unique are as under:

  • The existing paper files are converted by scanning on auto pilot mode which means time saving. This is also a very big step towards going paperless.
  • The workflows are all embedded with online automation programs which increase productivity.
  • The program is not just limited to real estate management. It can be used for healthcare as well as HR documentation as well.

4. Sherlock Software

Sherlock is a company which makes sure that the real estate management solutions are implemented in the best manner. For this they also develop business websites. The overall management of the program is very easy and it has following functions:

  • This system has been well implemented in the real estate management companies around the world.
  • Going paperless is the main aspect of this program which can be done in less than 30 days.
  • The mobile app of this program also ensures that the overall aspects of the program are managed remotely and effectively.

5. FabSoft

The company is the best to make sure that the real estate management becomes easy and hassle free. The aspects of the program are awesome. Some of the best features of the real estate document management software are stated as under:

  • Financial services have been integrated as the best part of this program. It means cash inflow and outflow is recorded effectively.
  • The robust technology of the program makes sure that the best outcome is generated. It also means that the outcome is in line with the business requirements.
  • The documents can be requested right from the MFP. It can easily be done with the help of modular scanning. The technology is also called MOST i.e. Modular Object Scanning Technology.

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