Top 5 Remote Working Software Help You Work from Home


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These Top 5 remote work software are your best time-savers in recent weeks as businesses allow their workers to go home and restrict the spread of the Novel Coronavirus outbreak known as COVID-19.

Although the potential to work from home is of big help, we need to have the right software tools in place for you and your team to ensure that you can achieve your goals. To manage your team effectively, the use of these 5 remote work software can really save you time and provide much ease in collaboration.

Top 5 Software for Remote Working

Here is the list of top 5 software for remote working that you can start using from today and boost your work productivity.

#1. PDFelement Pro

PDFelement Pro is an all in one tool which is used to converts and produce images, Documents, and text-file formats in XML, Excel, Document, EPUB, PPT, articles, and Documents, RTF, and Text Formats. It supports annotations, text editing, type creation, code extraction, protection of passwords and limitations on permissions.

Why you need it

Users, who are looking to edit, convert or manage PDFs can rely on PDFelement Pro. Those who frequently work on PDFs understand the need for multiple tools required to edit a PDF. PDFelement Pro can accommodate all of your editing needs under one singlehood. You can convert PDF files to other formats with PDFelement and use a number of PDF templates. PDFelements Pro is very lightweight application that consumes less than 150MB.


  • User-friendly: PDFelement Pro provides a user-friendly way of editing PDF files. Simple and straightforward use of functional features.
  • Batch Convert PDFs: A heap of PDF files can be converted to the desired format. PDFelement currently offers doc, Docx, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, EPUB, and BMP in the following file formats.
  • Password Protection for Sensitive Documents: PDFelement features an advanced security feature that allows you to encrypt files by password. Moreover, you should even encrypt the documents before you file or exchange them.
  • Easy Share: Easy sharing/forwarding and printing out from the app straight to printer.
  • Extensions: One-click PDF to Microsoft Office extensions.
  • Safe Editing: Users can create high-quality PDFs using PDFelements Pro without altering the format of the original text, graphics.

Supported Platforms

  • Native applications for Android and iOS.
  • Windows
  • Mac
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#2. ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting is a webinar solution that uses browsers and provides webinars that can be used by organizations of all sizes from individual companies to multinationals. ClickMeeting uses a web-based approach that is quick to use, covering the whole process of the webinar from the planning through the delivery and engagement by tracking. ClickMeeting is on a high trend for use by companies for promoting collaboration in remote work from home. If you are the one who needs to attend online meetings, online presentations, teleconferencing with your team, screen sharing, whiteboard presentations, and video viewing, ClickMeeting is best for you.

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Why you need it

ClickMeeting is a valuable platform for teachers to train students, exchange information, and learn special skills. You can present your product or solution better to your client remotely ClickMeeting uses special tokens which you can use to authorize eligible people only to join your webinar. This is the best private, secure and reliable platform to use in the current scenario.


  • Custom-Branded Webinar
  • Polls & Survey
  • Whiteboard
  • Presentation
  • Facebook & YouTube Live
  • Webinar & Attendee Statistics

Supported Platforms

  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Web-based
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#3. Roboform

RoboForm offers protection for user data from symmetric RoboForm cryptography on user computers, in transit and on the server for user data security. A file encrypted with AES-256 algorithms contains all RoboForm data objects.

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Why you need it

Roboform is an essential tool that allows any organization to organize logins and passwords, making it simpler and safer to create, save and exchange passwords. RoboForm for Business removes keys lost, lack of efficiency and restore expenses. Users who need to manage, organize and save passwords securely over web browsers use Roboform. You will never need to type your passwords again It will keep your passwords very secure


  • Easy Credential Management.
  • Multifactor Authentication for better security.
  • Password Generator to make stronger passwords.
  • Password Reset option is available.
  • Password Synchronization.
  • User Management Panel for a better user experience.

Supported Platforms

  • To be installed on Mac
  • Cloud, SaaS, Web
  • Installable on Windows
  • Mobile - iOS Native
  • Mobile - Android Native
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#4. Google Drive

Google Drive is a free Google service that lets you store and access your files online via the cloud. You can create, access and save Documents, Spreadsheets, presentations on Google Drive. Users just need a Google account to get started. It is the best solution to collaborate and edit documents in a remote working environment.

Why you need it

If you need to store your data on Cloud, Google drive is the best choice. Google Drive can be used to store, synchronize and share files and photos to be used and accessed from any device or location. You won't have to worry about any data to lose. No Cost, It's Free to use. Remote access to files via any device. Seamless real-time sharing with multiple members via their email.


  • Multi-user Feature: Google Drive allows multiple collaborators to work on the same document or Excel sheet at the same time.
  • In-Document Communication: Drive provides communication features such as in-document comments and messaging.
  • Organize with Folders: Users can create folders and organize documents within the Drive.
  • Security & Privacy: Users can set a security level that they're comfortable with before sharing documents with colleagues/co-workers for viewing, editing, or commenting.

Supported Platforms

  • Android Application
  • iOS Application
  • Web-Based solution
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#5. Trello

Trello is a multimedia project management platform that allows individuals and groups to collaborate together their teams. You may organize work through boards, lists, and cards and use the forum for research, a side project, or a family holiday.

Why you need it

Trello is a very helpful lightweight project management tool that really helps to make moves faster. You can use Trello to minimize confusion in a project by project assignments using its tool for organizing and tracking. Trello can help you out to keep track of your time. It increases members' productivity by keeping track of their activity and time spent.


  • Real-time Environment: Trello allows users to work in a real-time environment, where Members can work on projects without affecting the updates. The system shows the update automatically, once the changes are made without any delay.
  • Responsive & User-friendly Design: Design is responsive across all devices. The user-friendly experience of Trello is one of its key features of success.
  • Easily Add Members: Adding new members is really easy
  • Alert & Notifications: Alert and notification system really helps our users to keep their work on track while collaborating on a project.
  • Task management: One can assign tasks to teams or to someone in particular
  • Organized work Environment: Users can sort projects with labels and subtasks to organize the project.

Supported Platforms

  • Native applications for android and IOS.
  • Windows
  • Mac
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3 Tips for Remote Work from Home

We are sure these 5 remote work software will help you boost your work productivity while you work from home. Before You leave, Do take these 3 important tips with you.

Maintain a Schedule for your Remote work:

  • The main problem with people, who do remote work from there home is the schedule. As they are too comfortable in their environment, they end up wasting much time on unplanned activities.
  • The best step to optimize your performance is to start your day with a plan, a plan that you will follow and which is well defined with all your activities with their time frame.

Keep a WorkSpace out of Distractions:

  • Another major issue, with work from the home approach, is distractions that we face. It might be the children in the house, your dog, maybe your PlayStation. Anything which can take your focus off the work shall be removed. You should keep a workspace, maybe a small area in your house with a table and chair where you can sit and focus on your work without any further distraction.

Keep track of your activities:

  • This is a habit which will really save you big time. Keep a small notebook along with you and track the time you spend on each activity. Once you start keeping a record, you can not only self-analyze your performance but also monitor how you are spending your precious time.

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