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Most e-readers can recognize the ePub format that is used to publish eBooks. If you have a book that you would like to distribute, you should scan it into a PDF format and then convert scanned PDF to EPUB for further use. This is best especially considering that a published book needs to be very clear for people to read it on their devices. When you scan to PDF, you may not have very clear images to distribute, but you can convert the document to OCR, and then edit and polish it, and then convert it to ePub. This article will describe two powerful tools that you can use to convert scanned PDF to EPUB format.

Part 1. The Best Scanned PDF to EPUB Converter

PDFelement Pro is one of the best document converters in the market. It can read scanned PDF images and convert them to OCR with a high degree of accuracy. This accuracy makes it very easy for someone to work with large documents or books, such as those that would be put into ePub. The tool is able to keep the original formatting of the scanned documents, so no more formatting is done after the document is imported and converted.

How to Convert Scanned PDF to EPUB

Step 1. Import Scanned PDF to the Program

Select "Open File" and then navigate to the scanned PDF image and import it. Make sure that you have downloaded an installed the OCR plugin since it must be done separately. Once installed, the PDF Editor 6 Pro will recognize the scanned PDF images and then automatically go to the OCR feature.

import scannd pdf files

Step 2. Enable OCR on PDF

Now select "Perform OCR" and there you will go to a new window where you will customize the settings of the OCR. You can change the language of the resultant OCR. Simply select "Change Language" and then go to a window where you can select from 23 different languages.

perform ocr

Step 3. Select Output Format

Now you can to to the convert menu and start to convert PDF files to EPUB. Click on the "Convert" button and there are many file formats available. You can choose the output format according to your needs.

select output format

Step 4. Covnert Scanned PDF to EPUB

Once you have gone through the scanned documents, you can now click on the "To EPUB" to convert and click on the "Convert" button to convert scanned PDF to EPUB. You should ensure that the original format is retained.

convert scanned pdf to epub

Why Choose PDFelement Pro to Convert Scanned PDF to EPUB

If you want to scan documents into PDF and then get them into a lovely clear format, you can trust PDFelement Pro to do so, thanks to its powerful OCR processing method. Your documents will be edited with no errors making it easy to work with large documents or books.

The main features of iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Pro:

  • Edit and OCR – you can convert any document to a host of other formats by going through the OCR process.
  • Create and Edit PDF – You can create, edit and fill your own PDF forms.
  • Digital signature – now you can easily brand your work using a digital signature.
  • Simplicity – the user interface is well laid out making it easy for you to organize even books of several pages.
  • Create and convert – now you can create documents or import them and then convert them into other formats.

Part 2. Convert Scanned PDF to EPUB with PDF Converter Pro

This is another tool that you can use to convert scanned PDF files into ePub. PDFelement Pro is flexible and is especially suited for conversion, since it can convert documents to several different formats. It can even convert encrypted PDF files.

How to Convert Scanned PDF to EPUB using iSkysoft PDF Converter Pro

Step 1. Launch iSkysoft PDF Converter Pro

After downloading and installing iSkysoft PDF Converter Pro. Click on the .dmg file to launch the program.

download iskysoft pdf converter pro

Step 2. Import Scanned PDF to the Program

The files can be dragged into the program and they will be loaded. In this case, you can put all the scans of the pages of the book at the same time. When they are loaded, choose the output format as ePub. Since you will be working with several files, or pages, you can simply click on the settings of each page and choose ePub as the preferred format.

import pdf files

Step 3. Covnert Scanned PDF to EPUB

Select the option "Convert scanned PDF documents with OCR" from the right toolbar. Then you will enable the OCR function and you should go to PDF Converter Pro>Preferences, under the OCR option, select the OCR recognition language.

ocr pdf files

You have to decide on what kind of ePub you want to have. There are two available formats and one allows selection and copying of the text and images, while the other does not.

  • Text and images to ePub – This option will convert all the text and images to the ePub format, and anyone will be able to copy the text and images.
  • Each page as an image to ePub – this option will convert the text and images of the original PDF into ePub images. Using this option will disallow people from copying any text or images.
convert scanned pdf to epub

For those people who would lie to create a cover for the ePub book, the option is available, making this a tool that can help you publish like a professional.

Why Choose iSkysoft PDF Converter Pro to Convert Scanned PDF to EPUB

The batch operation mode can handle up to 200 files at the same time. This makes it easy to scan books and change them to ePub files. The PDFelement Pro is also great since it can keep the original format of the documents.

The main features of iSkysoft PDF Converter Pro:

  • One of the main reasons why you invest in this tool is the easy conversion into word format.
  • You can also convert documents into several other formats including rich and simple text, HTML, Excel, PowerPoint, and so many more.
  • You can now convert up to 200 files at the same time.
  • OCR feature is great for conversion where the image must first be ru7ned into editable text.
  • You can now keep the formatting of the original document intact.
launch iskysoft pdf converter

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