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Convert image-based PDF text into a native PDF file hence enabling the easy search of documents. Nitro PDF Pro has enabled the conversion of a huge chunk of documents at the same time. The following are some of the features of Nitro PDF OCR:

  • Flexible OCR Modules: Nitro PDF Pro enables your files to be searched easily. It also enables selection while maintaining exact formatting. The software replaces image-based texts with editable texts.
  • Secure: it is a secure way of storing your confidential files since one can restrict access through digital certificates and passwords.
  • Assembling and Combining: it combines presentations, spreadsheets and documents into more decent PDF files. Its powerful tools enable you to rotate, split, replace, insert, delete and extract pages thus giving you total control over your documents.
  • Universal Language Support: OCR can be used in various countries since it puts common languages such as German, English, Spanish and French into consideration.
  • Creation and Conversion: with Nitro Pro, you can generate PDF files from 300 sorts of formats. You can also convert PDF files into Excel, Word, and image, plain or rich text.
  • Review: it eliminates paper wastage through e-document review.

PDFelement Pro for Mac - The Best Way to OCR PDF

PDFelement Pro is the best alternative solution to fix Nitro Pro PDF OCR not working. It is a wonderful software that allows you to edit PDF files by adding and deleting texts. It also enables the conversion of documents to various types of formats.

Key Features of PDFelement Pro

  • Edit PDF files.
  • Merging and combining files.
  • Securing PDF with passwords.
  • Creation of PDF from other formats.
  • Convert PDF to other formats.
launch the pdf editor 6 professional

Part 1. How to Fix Nitro PDF OCR Errors

Nitro Pro offers a wide range of conveniences. One can comfortably convert PDFs into forms of files such as Word, Excel, Spreadsheet and PowerPoint. In spite of these benefits associated with Nitro Pro, it may as well suffer a number of troubles. Let’s highlights some of the common troubles Nitro OCR is likely to suffer from and their respective solutions.

1. Crushing and freezing. The application may at times freeze during converting of documents. This may be brought about by a lack of adequate maintenance.

Solution 1: the above problem is mostly caused by too many unnecessary references in the registry. You can fix this problem by removing the unnecessary references in the registry, leaving only the useful ones.

2. Active hyperlinks containing the same features may become dormant upon conversion.

Solution 2: this trouble is often common with older versions of Nitro PDF. The best solution to this problem is the regular update of your software. You should also do away with inactive hyperlinks.

3. Another common trouble one is likely to face when using this software is resulting in large unnecessary images when converting PDFs back to Microsoft Word documents.

Solution 3: this problem is mostly brought about by the original document which was converted into PDF, which was an image that doesn’t leave any trace of formatting data. The ideal solution to this is ensuring that the scanner’s Optical Character Recognition feature is on when any reconversion process is being made.

4. Visibility problem due to corrupted plug-ins.

Solution 4: This is an easy problem to deal with. All you need is to repair the plug-ins, responsible for the transmission of PDFs in the browser.

5. You may at times receive a text message informing you that the conversion process of documents into PDFs failed.

Solution 5: the best way to solve this problem is to go to the control panel of your PC and uninstall Nitro PDF Pro OCR then reinstall it. The problem is not likely to reoccur.

Part 2. The Best Solution to Fix Nitro PDF OCR Not Working

With the help of the best alternative to Nitro Pro, you can easily fix the problem that Nitro PDF OCR not working. Following the steps below to OCR the PDF files with ease.

Edit and Convert Scanned PDF with Nitro Pro OCR Alternative

Step 1. Import scanned PDFs

Click the quick-start button located on the desktop to start the scanned PDF convertor. Drag the scanned PDFs to the software. Or click the "Open" button on the program main interface and import PDF to the Nitro PDF OCR alternative.

convert pdf

Step 2. Edit Scanned PDF

If you import scanned PDF to the program, you will get a notice that asks you to enable the OCR feature. To do so, just click the "Tool" > "OCR Text Recognition" button under the top toolbar.

perfor ocr

Now you can click "Text" and double-click on the scanned PDF file to add, delete, extract or insert texts to PDF. You can also edit PDF images and PDF pages with ease.

edit scanned pdf

Step 3. Convert Scanned PDF

Click the "Tool" > “PDF Convert” option to open the conversion window. And select Microsoft Word or another format as the output format. And then click the “Apply” button. This will enable your scanned PDF file to be converted to your chosen type of format.

convert scanned pdf


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