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You have been well known to PDF converters. Mostly, people gaining projects from abroad would use Foxit software to convert PDF to the Excel often. Foxit software is familiar for PDF edit, comment, copy, paste etc. Simply! the tools to convert the PDF is done by Foxit software. We are here to assure you with some proven methods and we recommend you to use Foxit PDF to Excel converter by online or installing in your computer forever. This is an alternative way to fix the problem from your client side.

Part 1. How to Convert PDF to Excel with Foxit Alternative

Like many people out there, are you also unable to convert PDF to the Excel with Foxit? It is time to rise above the situation and work on the best solution available to you. PDFelement Pro is the best Foxit PDF to Excel converter alternative that allows you to convert a PDF file to many other file formats. We shall also enable you to create PDF from an Excel files and other documents. In the further sections, we shall show you the easy way to convert a PDF file to Excel spreadsheet.

Step 1. Import PDF to Foxit Alternative

First of all, you need to download the Foxit Alternative and install it. You can either drag your file from computer to the Foxit PDF to Excel converter or you can upload by clicking the option 'Open file'.

import pdf files

Step 2. Select Excel as the Output Format

To start the conversion method from PDF to the Excel simply click on 'Convert' present at the right corner of this Foxit PDF to Excel converter. Once if you click it, you will get displayed many options such as To Excel, To Word, etc. Now select the option 'To Excel'.

select output format

Step 3. Convert PDF to Excel

Or you can click 'Convert PDF' on the interface, and choose the PDF file you want to convert, click 'Setting' > 'OK' and select '.xlsx' as output format. Click on 'Save' button to start the conversion process of PDF to Excel.

convert pdf to xls

Part 2. Foxit PDF to Excel Converter Not Working Fixed

There were many tools used to convert PDF to another format. Foxit PDF to Excel convert is a useful PDF tool to convert PDF to Excel easily. Let's see the method to convert Foxit software PDF to the Excel.

Step 1: Download then install the foxit software. Open the software to run up the installation. Now you have to import your PDF file to the foxit software.

foxit pdf to excel converter

Step 2: To import the file, click on 'File' at the top of the window. You will be directed to the local disk in your computer.

convert pdf to excel with foxit

Step 3: Once if you opened – you can click on 'Convert' to start the process. It will display the output format such as Excel, MS Word etc.

convert pdf to excel in foxit

Step 4: Now you can save your file as Excel in the dialog box.

convert pdf to excel using foxit

Troubleshooting on Convert PDF to Excel in Foxit Not Working

You would have come across many situations in your office for managing document. At that moment you will observe how it is important to know about editing and converting some files. You would definitely have some problems in middle. You also need a solution isn't it?

1. Problem: When you get problem from Foxit software PDF to the Excel converter didn't start the process:

Solution: You have been access only the trial version that exists for 30 days only. To get a good result try for the purchase app and start the process.

2. Problem: When processing Foxit software PDF to the Excel; you will get "Activation failed":

Solution: You have installed the Foxit software PDF folder in your computer. Open it and search for the txt name "fpmkey.txt". On the activation.exe give a right click and as a admin run the file.

3. Problem: When you uninstall Foxit software PDF to the Excel your screen goes blank:

Solution: Hold on the key Ctrl+Alt+Delete. You will get a window displaying Start task manager and then choose file. Select new task and choose explore.exe. Click OK.

4. Problem: Toolbar is not present to create PDF in Excel and not in Word:

Solution: Try to install and run the Foxit software. Or else try for the feature Excel Toolbar>Customize quick access toolbar> Add-in>COM Adds-in> Go>Foxit PDF create COM Add-in> Remove.

5. Problem: Drive print is Error:

Solution: Uninstall and install the again. This happens only if your printer driver is broken.

Part 3. Foxit vs PDFelement Pro in Converting PDF to Excel

PDFelement Pro
Foxit PDF to Excel Converter
Metrics of PDF converter PDFelement Pro feature gives preference for any format and you can edit it. The foxit metric convert feature is very easy and gives preference to Word document.
OCR Feature OCR feature is enabled in PDFelement Pro. This is a very convenient feature for corporate and even individuals who need to edit the secured documents for further editing. OCR feature is not enabled in Foxit software.
Edit PDF feature It is very easy to define and edit multitasking mode. You can convert PDF from one form to another. It is little tough in editing multitasking mode.
Supported system Mac / Windows Mac / Windows
User Interface You can connect many interfaces to PDFelement Pro. You can connect only 3 interfaces in Foxit. It simply takes a few minutes for the conversion from Foxit software PDF to the Excel.
Price $ 79 Foxit ranges up to the price $ 180 per month.

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