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PDF format is very useful in both professional and personal life. However, PDF documents have one major drawback - they cannot be edited easily, which makes them incredibly frustrating when you want to edit the information contained in the documents. Fortunately, with the use of PDF to word converters, you can be able to convert your PDF documents to Word or other editable word documents. This is where Google Docs PDF to Word converter comes in, which is one of the easiest ways of converting PDF documents into word. Below are tips and trick on converting PDF to Word in Google Docs.

Part 1: The Best Google Docs PDF to Word Converter Alternative

PDFelement Pro for Mac - The Best Tool to Convert PDF to Word

While Google Docs is the easiest way to convert your PDF documents to word, there are other alternatives available. One of the best alternative converters is PDFelement Pro. It an application that is designed to provide an array of PDF solutions, which include editing your documents, merging your documents, encrypting your documents with a password, and converting your documents to Word and other editable formats. In addition to PDF documents, the application can also be used with image-based PDF documents, thanks to the OCR function that it comes equipped with.

Key Features of PDFelement Pro

  • A PDF conversion tool that allows you to convert your files into editable Word documents.
  • It features an optical character recognition (OCR), feature, which extracts data from images and image-based PDF documents.
  • It comes with a password-protection feature, which allows you to encrypt your documents, thus preventing unauthorized access.
  • It comes with a PDF editing function, which allows you to edit your PDF document (merge, insert pages, delete pages, rotate pages, etc.) before converting them.

Steps for Converting PDF to Word on Mac

Step 1. Launch the PDF editor

Download and install iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro on your computer. And launch the program and go to the main interface of the application.

launch the pdf editor 6 professional

Step 2. Import PDF to the program

Click on the "Open" button on the bottom left corner of the interface, and browse through your computer hard disk to select the file you want to convert.

open pdf file

If you need to make any editions, go to the "Edit" section on the main interface and make any necessary changes to your PDF document.

edit pdf file

Step 3. Start PDF to Word conversion

After you are through with editing, click on the "Convert" button and follow the instructions of the pop up window that appears. (Note: if your document is image-based, enable the OCR function of the conversion tool on the pop-up window.)

And then select the output folder of your document and click on the "Convert" button on the pop up window to convert and save your document.

convert pdf

Part 2: Google Docs Convert PDF to Word Not Working Fixed

How to Convert PDF to Word in Google Docs

To convert a PDF document into an editable word document:

1) Go to and sign into your account.
2) Click on the "Documents" on your Google Account, or alternatively, go to to access your Google Docs account.
3) On the main interface of your Google Docs account, click on the folder icon located on the top right corner of the screen. This will display a pop-up window "Open a File" with several options.
4) Click on the "Upload" button link on the top right corner of the window and drag your PDF document into the section provided, or click on the "Select a file from your computer" button to browse and select the document you want to upload. The file will be sent to your Google Drive account.
5) Go to and go the file you have just uploaded (it will be the first document on the list).
6) Right click on the file, go to "Open With" and select "Google Docs". The file will be opened on Google Docs in a new tab.
7) Go to the opened tab and click on the "File" button located on the top left corner of the screen.
8) Scroll down to "Download as" and click on "Microsoft Word (.docx). A download window will appear prompting you to open or save the file. Select the "Save File" to download the file to your computer.
9) Go to the download folder and open the editable word document.

edit pdf in google docs

Google Docs Convert PDF to Word Not Working Fixed

Google Docs is probably one of the easiest method of converting PDF documents to Word. However, users who use the application to convert their documents are usually met with a number of problems, which might be frustrating if you have never used it before. Below is a look at some of the common problems you are likely to come across when using Google Docs to convert PDF documents to Word, and tips on how you can solve them.

Problem 1: You cannot upload your document.

Solution: One of the most common problems you are likely to encounter when using Google Docs is to find that you cannot be able to upload your PDF document. When this happens, ensure you have a strong internet connection. Also, ensure that your browser is up to date, as some outdated browsers might have some problems uploading files.

Problem 2: The document is not loading correctly.

Solution: When trying to open your PDF document using Google Docs, you might find that it is either taking too long to open, or it is fails to open. To fix the issue, clear your browser cache. Also, check the file size to ensure that it has not exceeded the 2MBs limit.

Problem 3: Can't access Google Drive.

Solution: Another common problem when using Google Docs is to find that you cannot be able to access your Google Drive account, where the uploaded documents are stored. When this happens, first clear your browser cache. Also, check your firewall and proxy settings to ensure that there are no restrictions in place preventing you from accessing the drive.

Problem 4: Cannot convert your document.

Solution: When using Google Docs, you might also experience an error when you try converting your PDF document using the "Download as" option. When this happens, check the file size to ensure the limit has not been exceeded. Also, disable any virus scanners and ad block extension you might have activated on your browser and then attempt to convert again.

Problem 5: Can't download converted document

Solution: Once you have converted your document, you might also find that you are having problems saving the file to your computer. First, check on your browser to ensure that you have the latest version. Also, ensure you are connected to the internet.


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