Top 10 Best PDF to Excel Converter for Mac and Windows

Everyone has used a PDF file almost once in their life, and they know how it looks like. But, have you ever tried to edit the information from the document? Well, you have noticed that the PDF format does not allow you to do any action, and if you need to copy or edit the file, you will have to convert it into another format. There are different options when it comes to converting the PDF files. One simple way of converting the documents is to use a free software. Below you will find 10 of the best PDF to Excel converter that can be used with both Windows and Mac including PDFelement Pro.

Top 10 Best PDF to Excel Converter Software for Mac and Windows

1. PDFelement Pro

PDFelement Pro is one of the most reliable PDF to Excel converter software, people could use to convert and edit PDF files easily. When you use this tool, you have full control of the PDF files, you want to manage. When you use this PDF to Excel software you have the possibility to convert multiple PDF files into formats as Excel, HTML, Word and other similar ones. The provider of the software offers detailed information on the website on how to transfer a PDF into an Excel document.


  • You can create, combine and split different PDF files
  • You can stamp, markup, annotate and free hand draw the documents
  • You can create new PDF forms and fill the existing ones
  • You can secure your PDF files
  • You can customize, bookmark and bates number the files
  • You can edit and convert scanned PDF file wiht advanced OCR feature
launch the pdf editor 6 professional

2. iSkysoft PDF Converter Pro

iSkysoft PDF Converter Pro is a software that offers you the possibility to convert and create PDF files. When it comes to the interface, it is interactive, so the users will have no issues to find the features they are looking for.


  • You can convert, create, and OCR PDF documents
  • You can convert embedded tables into XLS format


  • OCR is not included in the free version
  • The links are not preserved when you convert Word to PDF
wondershare pdfelement

3. Free Online OCR

Free Online OCR is a free online PDF to Excel converter software that offers you the possibility to create documents that look exactly as you wish for. This tool does not require the user to provide an email address in order to receive the new format of the document. Free Online OCR uses optical character recognition to identify the content in the PDF file.


  • You can convert the files you scan
  • You can create editable text
  • The images are formatted as headers and locked in place
  • You will not wait for a link to be delivered to download the new documents


  • The text in colored background is not identified
  • There are line breaks and rogue tabs in the new document
  • Formatting is lost in the majority of the cases
  • There is no batch processing
  • You can convert one file at a time
free online software

4. Nitro PDF to Word Converter

Nitro PDF to Word Converter is a PDF to Excel program that features two versions, one designed to be downloaded on the desktop of the devices that use Windows, and an online form. The online version is free to use. When using this software, you can import and export formats as Power Point, Word and Excel, and you can upload multiple files.


  • The text is converted well
  • You benefit of batch processing
  • The final format is emailed to you
  • The text is maintained quite well when converting


  • You can convert only 5 files per month
  • The image does not survive the change of format
  • There are line breaks and rogue spaces

5. UniPDF

UniPDF is a PDF to Excel converter program, so when using it you will not have to deal with slow upload and other similar issues you face when you use an online tool. Also, you will not have to trust your files to a third party, and have the fear that someone will register them, and make use of the information.


  • It preserves the look of the pages, including the images
  • You can convert the PDF into Word, Excel, Image, Text and HTML
  • It runs on Windows Vista, XP, 10, 8, 7


  • You can convert only 3 pages with the trial version, if you need more you will have to opt for the paid version
  • It has issues with text formatting
  • The columns run into each other
  • In some cases the text has a different size than the original
  • Letters may be missing

6. Free File Converter

Free File Converter is one of the file converters that seems to convert PDF to Excel and do a lot of things. It is an online software you can use to Convert PDF to Excel and Word, but that can do even more. Weh using this editor you can access the new file by clicking on a link. The converter can be used to transform a document into multiple formats.


  • it saves videos and files from eHow, and DailyMotion
  • you do not have to offer your email and wait for the file


  • The text from the PDF files is not converted well enough
  • The images are lost sometimes
  • The formatting is affected
free file converter

7. Weeny Free PDF to Excel Converter

Weeny Free PDF to Excel Converter is a free software you can use to convert PDF files into XLS format. The editor offers the user the possibility to set the page range for the documents they convert. When using this editor the user can convert multiple files at the same times, which is a great plus when compared with the other products from the market.


  • You can convert searchable PDF files
  • You can convert all the pages from the document


  • It does not maintain the entire formatting of the PDF file
  • It does not convert scanned documents
weeny free pdf to excel converter

8. Blue Fox Free PDF to Excel Converter

Blue Fox Free PDF to Excel Converter is a versatile PDF to Excel converter software that you can use if you want to convert PDF documents into Excel ones. The user can convert every one of the pages of the PDF file into separate sheets. In case the user prefer, they can state which one of the pages they want to transform into a separate sheet.


  • It gives the name to the Excel file automatically


  • It converts only the searchable and selectable documents
  • The process of converting the file is quite complex
blue fox free pdf to excel converter

9. Office Convert Pdf to Excel for XlS Free

Office Convert Pdf to Excel for XlS Free is a free editor that offers the user the possibility to convert the PDF files into Excel documents. The editor will save the new format of the document into an output folder. But it is important to state that the converter is not able to retain the formatting options.


  • It creates and converts the Excel file into the folder you choose
  • It keeps the images and text from the PDF document


  • You can convert only a file at the time if you use the free version
office convert pdf to excel

10. PDF to XLS Converter

PDF to XLS Converter is an editing software free and simple that allows you to convert PDF documents into Excel files. The software saves documents into a default location, so the user will have to look for them. The tool comes with an easy to use interface, so it can be used by everyone.


  • You can convert multiple files
  • You can set the page range


  • It does not transform scanned PDF documents
  • It converts only searchable documents
pdf to xls converter

When you are pressed by time, you do not have time to check the features of every one of the tools available on the market, so it is advisable to read a top as this one, to have an idea on what to expect when you use one of them. Make a list with your requirements, and check if the system you have in mind features them.

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